Zenit Kazan waiting for opponent

Zenit Kazan is the first finalist of the Russian Superleague 2008/09. Second semifinal duel will be decided on April 23 in Odintsovo.



Kazan is waiting for opponent in final of Russian championship. Kazan won first match in Novy Urengoi in tiebreak. The team of V. Alekno did not allow to Novy Urengoi play their usual game in Kazan. Two clear victories in front of the home spectators catapulted Kazan to the final.

Second semifinal is much more thrilling. Dynamo Moscow was leading 2:1 in series with the chance to qualify for the final in the fourth game in Moscow. Iskra Odintsovo did not give up the duel and won the fourth game in tiebreak. Decisive fifth semifinal will be played on April 23 and it will be battle tit for tat.

Monday, 13 April 2009Novy Urengoi–Kazan2:3 (24:26-25:18-17:25-25:20-11:15)Iskra–Dynamo3:2 (18:25-25:23-24:26-25:20-15:12)Tuesday, 14 April 2009Novy Urengoi–Kazan3:0 (25:18-25:23-38:36)Iskra–Dynamo1:3 (25:17-26:28-21:25-15:25)Saturday, 18 April 2009Kazan–Novy Urengoi3:0 (25:18-25:18-25:20)Dynamo–Iskra3:1 (27:25-25:17-16:25-25:23)Sunday, 19 April 2009KazanNovy Urengoi3:1 (25:23-25:18-19:25-25:23)DynamoIskra2:3 (24:26-25:20-24:26-25:14-15:17)

Thursday, 23 April 2009     IskraDynamo–:–


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