WWE Vintage Collection Report (07/13/08)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: 13th July 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome to the latest set of matches from the MSG archives. The good news is that this week we have six matches on tap. The bad news is that they are all joined in progress. The clock has been turned back to March 1989, with WrestleMania V rapidly approaching. Your commentators are Tony Schiavone and Lord Alfred Hayes. Let’s get started.

The Brooklyn Brawler vs The Red Rooster
The Brawler was not yet a full-time jobber at this point. Meanwhile, the Rooster was gearing up for a WrestleMania clash with ex-manager Bobby Heenan. According to the commentators, Brawler was softening Rooster up for Heenan. Brawler utilises several chinlocks before Rooster retaliates by throwing Brawler into the corner several times. Rooster lands some kicks then turns his attention to the referee, which allows Brawler to regain control with a clothesline over the top rope. Rooster comes back in with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Brawler immediately hits a low clothesline then yells at the referee. Rooster takes advantage with a schoolboy for a nearfall. Rooster ducks a clothesline and gets another nearfall off of a rollup. The momentum from Brawler’s kick out sends Rooster throat first into the ropes. Brawler drags Rooster’s face across the top rope. Rooster manages an Irish whip but charges into a boot. Rooster recovers to catch Brawler in a small package for two. The Brawler goes to the eyes but Rooster comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. Roooster ‘clucks’ up and delivers forearms, an Irish whip and clothesline. Brawler reverses Rooster off the ropes, but Rooster catches Brawler in a backslide for the sudden 1-2-3. Uneventful opener which didn’t do much to showcase the Rooster. As it happened, Rooster would go on to beat Bobby Heenan in 32 seconds at WrestleMania V. Here is Your Winner: THE RED ROOSTER.

Mr Perfect vs Rugged Ronnie Garvin
Perfect was yet to debut his customary light blue singlet. We pick this up with Garvin dropping an elbow for a nearfall. Garvin wears Perfect down to the mat with a sleeper. Perfect saves himself by getting a foot on the rope. The Garvin stomp follows and it’s executed that much better than the Orton stomp. Perfect blocks a piledriver but Garvin turns it into a sunet flip for two. Garvin connects with right hands and a jackknife pin gets Garvin a second nearfall. Perfect attempts a kick but Garvin catches and counters with an atomic drop. A dishevelled Perfect bounces off the corner face first and falls to the mat. After several head rams in the corner, Perfect still manages to escape a small package. Garvin applies a side headlock and the impact from a shoulder tackle puts both men down. Garvin comes off worst and goes out to the ring apron, allowing Perfect to land several clubs to the throat. Garvin hangs Perfect up on the top rope then heads to the top rope. Garvin goes for a flying bodypress but Perfect rolls through and gets the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: MR PERFECT. This was good viewing. Perfect sold and bumped well for Garvin, making him look very good in the process. Perfect kept up his unbeaten streak as he went on to defeat the Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) in another terrific bout at WrestleMania V. Garvin ended up feuding with Dino Bravo and Greg Valentine in referee/retirement angles before disappearing from the WWF altogether.

Bad News Brown vs Hercules
Bad News is seen clubbing at Hercules on the ring apron. Bad News picks up a wooden chair and jams it into Herc’s chest. Shockingly, the referee doesn’t call for the DQ. The commentators note the nature of the match as the reason for the referee’s high tolerance. That doesn’t make sense. Bad News works over the midsection and delivers a slam inside the ring. Hercules gets his knees up to thwart a Bad News splash. Hercules fights back with punches, a gut punch, kneelift and two clotheslines. Bad News hooks Hercules and both men go over the top rope to the outside. Hercules delivers stomps, but Bad News hooks a leg to stop Hercules from getting back in. The result is a double countout and Bad News attacks Hercules from behind. Hercules grabs his chain and Bad News bails. This was uneventful, filler and crap. Here is Your Winner: DOUBLE COUNTOUT.

The Bushwhackers & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs The Fabulous Rougeaus & Dino Bravo w/Frenchy Martin
Jacques Rougeau attacks Bushwhacker Luke from behind to get the advantage for his tandem. The heels isolate Luke and triple team him in the heel corner. Bravo chokes Luke with the tag rope then with his hands against the bottom rope. Bravo and Raymond Rougeau whip Luke’s back into the corner twice. Bravo taunts Hacksaw by spitting at him. Jacques and Bravo chop Luke down off the ropes. Bravo drives several knees into Luke’s gut. Raymond holds Luke which allows Frenchy to crack the Quebec flag across his back. The referee doesn’t see this. Butch saves his partner by breaking up a pin attempt. Raymond traps Luke in an abdominal stretch as Bravo delivers cheap shots to the face. Bravo takes over on the hold before Raymond acrobatically re-enters to deliver a karate kick to Luke. Raymond sits on a boston crab. Luke crawls into a tag, which the referee doesn’t see, as the heels keep his attention diverted. Bravo hooks Luke as Raymond charges. Luke moves and Raymond sends Bravo out of the ring with a high knee. Hacksaw gets the hot tag, ignores Raymond’s attempt at a time out and delivers punches, a backelbow and the three-point stance clothesline. Bravo breaks up the cover. Butch tags in as Bravo knocks Hacksaw through the ropes. The Bushwhackers and Rougeaus go at it. Jacques sends Luke through the ropes as Raymond hooks Butch. From the outside, Hacksaw smashes his 2×4 into Raymond’s back and Butch covers for the pinfall. Bit of an upset there and the match was a lot better than I expected. I never found it hard to despise Dino Bravo’s brash, cocky demeanour and he and the Rougeaus’ excellent work made this match passable. Here Are Your Winners: THE BUSHWHACKERS & HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN.

The Rockers vs The Brain Busters
Bobby Heenan was conspicuous by his absence here. Arn Anderson turns a test of strength on the mat into a slingshot, sending Marty Jannetty into the fist of Tully Blanchard. Blanchard drives knees into Jannetty’s back. Jannetty punches back but Blanchard stops a tag by catching Jannetty in mid-air and driving him into the heel corner. Anderson gets an abdominal stretch on Jannetty, using Blanchard for extra leverage. Jannetty reverses an Irish whip, but misses a splash, with the momentum sending Jannetty to the outside. Jannetty lies motionless as Shawn Michaels tends to him. We see a rare replay of Jannetty’s impact, before Michaels helps him back into the ring. Jannetty blocks a head ram in the corner, climbs up top and hits Anderson with a flying bodypress for a nearfall. Blanchard Irish whips Jannetty, who catches him in a sunset flip for two. Jannetty counters Anderson’s backbodydrop attempt by driving him face first into the mat. Jannetty manages a suplex counter on Anderson but doesn’t see Blanchard get the blind tag in. Jannetty is kept isolated. Blanchard goads Michaels in, allowing Anderson to toss Jannetty over the top rope. Once again, Michaels helps Jannetty get back in. Jannetty manages to reverse an Irish whip but Blanchard gets his knees up on a charge. Jannetty catches Blanchard coming off the top rope with a gut punch. Jannetty fends Anderson off with punches. Anderson recovers to Irish whip, Jannetty ducks underneath Anderson and falls back into a tag. Michaels hammers both Busters and dropkicks Anderson. Blanchard Irish whips, Michaels manages to float over and get a rollup. At a two count, Michaels breaks as he sees Anderson coming from behind. All four men go at it. Anderson throws Michaels to the outside. Jannetty ducks a double clothesline and Michaels pulls Anderson to the outside. Jannetty schoolboys Blanchard for a nearfall before putting him down with a crescent kick. Michaels leaps off of Jannetty’s shoulders with a splash onto Blanchard, but Anderson pulls the referee out at a two count and the Busters are disqualified. Here Are Your Winners via DQ: THE ROCKERS. Great match and chemistry from this foursome who would have some stellar matches through the rest of the year. The feud culminated on the Busters’ last night in the WWF, towards the end of 1989, when the Rockers won a two-out-of three falls matchup on an editon of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Steel Cage Match
Hulk Hogan vs Big Boss Man w/Slick
This feud had been going on since 1988 when Boss Man attacked Hogan on an edition of the Brother Love show. Hogan was in the middle of chasing Randy Savage for the WWF title so this was kind of a blowoff match. Boss Man was quite heavy in these days. Early on, Boss Man slams Hogan and goes to climb out. Hogan climbs to where Boss Man’s at and uses chops, a face rake and head rams to the cage, to keep Boss Man in the ring. Boss Man reverses Hogan off the ropes and hits the worst spinebuster I’ve ever seen. (Hogan committed himself long before he came into contact with Boss Man). Boss Man opens the cage door to allow Slick to pass him a chain. The action skips a bit, Boss Man still has something in his hand, but Hogan manages to reverse a ram into the cage and both men fall down. The action cuts again and both men are still down. Boss Man grabs Hogan’s boot to stop him from crawling out of the cage door. Hogan lands punch counters and a suplex. Hogan grabs the chain and busts Boss Man open with it. (Whenever blood shots appear on screen, the footage turns black and white. Blood is a no-no for a Sunday Morning show here in the UK). Hogan throws Boss Man into the cage four times, drops his patented leg drop and starts to climb the cage. Slick runs in to grab Hogan’s leg but Hogan kicks him away. Hogan catches Boss Man climbing out and crotches him on the ropes. Hogan grabs Boss Man’s handcuffs from Slick and after clocking Slick, Hogan cuffs Boss Man to the ropes. Hogan climbs out of the ring to win, before Slick can unlock the cuffs and drag Boss Man out of the cage. Here is Your Winner: HULK HOGAN. Post match sees Hogan hit Boss Man with the ring bell. Hogan then corners Slick in the ring. Slick tries to climb the cage but Hogan pulls him down and throws him into the cage. Boss Man pulls Slick out of the ring and Hogan gets his hand raised, before posing with Slick’s hat on. As we all know, Hogan marched onto WrestleMania and won the WWF title for the third time.

Okerlund wraps things up to end the show.

Best match: The Rockers vs The Brain Busters.
Worst match: Bad News Brown vs Hercules.
Show verdict: Thumbs up. From what was shown, the majority of the action was good. Just take the Brawler and Bad News matches out of the equation. See you next week. Shaun.

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