WWE Vintage Collection Report (01/31/11)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: January 31st 2011
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

We conclude the new beginnings of past greats with a look at the Brain Busters, El Matador, Legion of Doom and The Rock. Let’s begin.

WWF Superstars: October 22nd 1988
The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) w/Bobby Heenan vs Tommy Angel & Bob Emery
Heenan had just added Red Rooster to the Heenan Family. Insert your own joke. Boasting his family would grow bigger and tougher, Heenan introduces the Busters, who come out in black jackets and no music. Just being affiliated with Heenan gave the Busters instant heat. In pre-recorded comments, Heenan quips no-one outsmarts the Brain, while Anderson says they ‘didn’t come to fill any void as they’re the cement of an already profound dynasty.’ Blanchard just says the token comment about being the best. Blanchard baits Angel into chasing him, so Anderson can clothesline from behind. Angel whiffs on a cross body out of the corner. Anderson counters an Emery backbodydrop with a sharp elbow to the neck. Emery gets caught in the AA spinebuster, before Blanchard polishes him off with a slingshot suplex. The Busters would soon incorporate a spike piledriver as a more devastating finisher. Winners: THE BRAIN BUSTERS.

When Tito Santana became stale in the fall of 1991, he turned into bullfighter El Matador. Learning to twirl a cape, while dodging ‘horny’ and ‘bullish’ Latinos in a Mexican bullring, Santana resolves that he has to become El Matador to achieve greatness.

WWF Prime Time Wrestling: January 24th 1992
El Matador vs Hercules
We pick things up with Matador trapped in a lengthy chinlock. Matador runs into a clothesline. Hercules eats boot after diving from the top rope. Matador lands a flying forearm, but Hercules drapes a foot on the bottom rope. Matador knocks Hercules out with a forearm to the back of the head (named El Paso de Muerte) for the Uno, Dos, Tres. Winner: EL MATADOR.

WCW Nitro: March 11th 1996
Steiner Brothers vs Road Warriors
Scott shows off his power, giving Hawk a belly-to-belly and pumphandle drop. Hawk headbutts his way out of a superplex. Hawk lands a flying clothesline, followed by big boot and neckbreaker. Scott comes back with a double underhook suplex. Both step aside for their partners to go at it. Rick survives an Animal onslaught to hit a release german suplex. Both Steiners take turns suplexing Animal, before Scott hangs him in a tree of woe in the corner.

Back from a commercial break and Hawk goes clothesline crazy on the Steiners. Rick suffers the Doomsday Device. Scott makes the save and tosses Animal into the guardrail. The Steiners fail with a Doomsday Device attempt. Scott hits Hawk with a top rope clothesline, but then takes one from Animal. Scott catches Animal with the Frankensteiner. Hawk breaks up a pin. Hawk takes the Steinerizer (top rope bulldog) only for Animal to sock Rick square in the face with one of the Warriors’s spiked forearm pads. Hawk covers for the 1-2-3, looks into the camera and says ‘that was a stinkin’ rush.’ This was a cracking scrap. Winners: ROAD WARRIORS.

One year later (February 24th 1997) and LOD return to the WWF looking for their second tag title reign.

WWF Monday Night Raw: October 13th 1997
WWF Tag Team Titles: The Godwinns w/Uncle Cletus vs Legion of Doom
LOD have stipulated they’ll retire if they don’t win the titles here. Hawk gets isolated, clotheslines his way out of trouble, but Earl Hebner misses a tag. Henry Godwinn takes Animal out by sending him into the ringsteps. Referees help Animal up the ramp as he nurses his shoulder. Henry gives Hebner the slop drop DDT as a deliberate ploy to get DQed. It fails. Animal looks up to the titantron, sees Hawk in trouble and rushes back to attack both Godwinns with his one good arm. Cletus nails Hawk to prevent the Doomsday Device. Animal ducks a horseshoe shot from Cletus and Henry gets wiped out. Cletus is sent packing by Animal. As Phineas goes to piledrive Animal, Hawk lands a top rope clothesline and new referee Mike Chioda counts the 1-2-3. Winners: LEGION OF DOOM.

Backstage at No Way Out 1998, the Nation of Domination tease dissension and disintegration as The Rock and Faarooq battle for leadership. While Faarooq pulls rank, Rock rolls his eyes and silently puts himself over to the cameras. In a recap from the previous episode of Raw, Rock smashes Ken Shamrock with a sick chair shot to the face to rescue Faarooq from the ankle lock.

WWF No Way Out: February 15th 1998
Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Rock, D’Lo Brown, Kama & Mark Henry) vs
Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, & D.O.A (Skull, 8-Ball & Chainz)
Rock is the reigning Intercontinental Champion going into this ‘War of Attrition’ match. Mark Henry and Ahmed hammer each other to start. Ahmed gives D’Lo an inverted suplex slam. D’Lo retaliates with a frog splash. Faarooq trash talks Ahmed, before getting caught in a spinebuster. Rock saves Faarooq from the Pearl River Plunge. 8-Ball and Shamrock dominate Faarooq until Faarooq low blows Shamrock. Rock takes over, DDTing the World’s Most Dangerous Man and stomping a mudhole in the corner.

After a commercial break, Skull avoids a D’Lo moonsault. Shamrock and Rock tag in, but the action breaks down into a ten man brawl. Rock and Faarooq attempt to send Chainz and Shamrock into each other, but Chainz knocks down Faarooq, while Shamrock catches Rock in a belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock uses a Fujiwara armbar to quickly maneuver into the ankle lock and Rock taps out. Winners: KEN SHAMROCK, AHMED JOHNSON & D.O.A. After the bell, Rock gets in Faarooq’s face and shoves him. D’Lo goes to stop Faarooq, but gets punched down. Kama and Mark Henry calm their partners as Rock goes to leave. Faarooq pulls rank, pointing his finger to the canvas to bring Rock back in line. The Nation give their ‘by any means necessary’ salute. Rock would mutiny against Faarooq on the March 30th episode of Raw, kicking him out of his own group and taking control himself.

The mixed bag format returns next week. Shaun.

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