WWE To React To Glenn Beck Snub, Ricardo-Beck, Backstage Fallout

– WWE officials are said to be angry that Glenn Beck turned down their invitation to appear on RAW. F4Wonline.com reports that WWE plans to mock Glenn Beck on Monday’s RAW and Stephanie McMahon called for a big rewrite of Monday’s RAW script. We’ve heard that a “parody” character of Glenn Beck has been discussed, similar to what WWE has done with Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke (from the 2009 scheduling conflict debacle) and the Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell” match from years ago that we’re all still trying to forget.

– Ricardo Rodriguez tweeted the following messages over the weekend, taunting Genn Beck to accept WWE’s RAW invite:

“Hey @GlennBeck let’s do a little debate on a show that people actually watch unlike yours!!! I’ll bring the Vicks in case you need to cry”

“It’s cool @GlennBeck ! I’ll go easy on you, I know how sensitive you are. “I’m already booked”?! Huevos! Yeah sure, buddy!”

“This is probably the most people have riled up for @glennbeck! You’re welcomed for being famous again burro ! #ignorance”

– Here’s the latest Backstage Fallout from Friday’s SmackDown:

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