WWE Superstars TV results (August 15): Everett loves R-Truth, The Ascension vs. Jack Swagger and Fandango

By James Cox, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway: Superstars from Everett Seattle Washington State was great fun largely due to the receptive and easily pleased crowd. The Ascension dismissed the odd pairing of Jack Swagger and Fandango with ease yet still aren’t in the tag team title match next Sunday. The main event saw Bo Dallas beat R-Truth who got over huge as the crowd-pleasing, veteran babyface.

The Ascension beat Jack Swagger & Fandango (4:08)

Swagger and Viktor start things off, with Swagger using a waist lock into a couple of quick takedowns. Viktor gets slung into the ropes, takes a shoulder barge and kicks out of the cover. He gets up and hits Swagger with a running knee and then tags in Konnor who goes for cover.

The Ascension get into their grove now, cutting the ring in half, using frequent tags to keep Swagger in away from Fandango. Konnor punches and kicks Swagger down to the corner. Huge “Lets go Swagger” chants start up at this point. Viktor tags Konnor in and applies a half Boston crab while Konnor lands on the back of Swagger’s head with a leg drop.

Konnor puts on a rear chin lock. Swagger powers his way out, only to be thrown into the corner where Viktor tags in. They double-team Swagger using a slingshot whip. They then try the same again but this time Swagger is wise to it and Viktor is thrown over the top rope by Swagger. Konnor charges at Swagger and they both go down with a double clothesline.

Fandango gets hot tag, and the crowd love it. He hits Viktor with an atomic drop, followed by punches, a clothesline, and a big flying heel kick. Konnor breaks up his cover attempt. Swagger comes in and pulls Konnor outside, and they brawl until Konnor launches Swagger into the barricade. In the ring, Fandango goes up top, but is thrown off by Konnor who jumps up on the apron. They quickly rally round and hit the Fall of Man on Fandango for the quick win.

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R-Truth beat Bo Dallas (7:25)

Before the match Jojo did a dull backstage interview with R-Truth. He said he was going to break Dallas.

So Truth came out and was just hugely appreciated here. His face showed his clear delight at the reaction he got and so took his time to do lots of cheerleading before Dallas came down. Jimmy Uso on commentary noted how he’d obviously enjoyed every second of it. This immediately made the match even better as Dallas and Truth played off the crowd’s reaction throughout.

When the bell rung, Dallas and Truth traded chants seeing who could get the bigger reaction from Everett until Dallas had had enough and came at Truth with a knee to the gut and punches. Truth stirs up and elbows Dallas who completely oversells it, rolling outside to take a breather. He rolls back in and takes a drop toehold and an almighty slap from Truth, who then gyrates at Dallas.

This then turns the match into an impromptu dance off and leads to Dallas doing the best geek, po-face dancing you’ll ever see, causing Truth and the ref to lose it (see above picture). Dallas is then sent over the top rope. Truth is just loving every second of this as we go to the break.

Truth is up on the second rope when we return, with the crowd counting his punches until Dallas drops him on his throat. Truth kicks out of a cover at two and then Dallas applies the first of many chin locks. Whenever Truth powers out, Dallas throws him down. Dallas even does a mini in-ring victory lap, and then just goes back to the chin lock. Truth works his way out with vigor, giving the crowd hope but is cut off by a drop kick by Dallas.

When Truth eventually gets out he gets some temporary heat with a flying heel kick. Truth then dodges Dallas’ charge, who goes clear under the bottom rope and lays outside looking stunned. Ref starts a ten count and gets to 9. Truth takes the woozy Dallas down with clotheslines and front suplex, but Dallas kicks out at two. Dallas then tricks Truth and dodges a charge, using the top rope as guillotine. He then uses the Bo Dog for the win. 

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