WWE SummerSlam Results(8/11): Did Seth Make Good On His Promise? The Fiend Makes His Debut, Flair vs. Stratus

WWE SummerSlam Results
Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com. 


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We start with some chain wrestling and end up in a stalemate. The two size each other up and go with a collar & elbow tie up, but Lorcan is able to get a single leg takedown. Gulak is able to get out and turn it into a front face lock, which he then turns into an arm bar. Lorcan fights up to his feet and pushes Gulak back into the corner. He hits Gulak with a set of chops before hitting him with a clothesline in the corner. Gulak Irish whips Lorcan into the corner and hits a corner clothesline of his own!

Lorcan comes back with a body slam and Gulak exits the ring to collect himself. Lorcan comes out and chases Gulak, nailing him with chop after chop. Gulak runs back in the ring and Lorcan comes back, but Gulak surprises Lorcan with The GuLock! Lorcan has no place to go, but some how he inches closer and closer, finally putting his leg on the rope. He gets up and both men hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines, and both men are down!

Both men get up and we have right hands back and forth, but Gulak’s strikes are too much! Lorcan falls to his knees and Gulak is relentless, hitting more and more strikes to the back of the head of Lorcan. He tries to lock in the GuLock one more time, and Lorcan reverses into a pin…..1…….2………………………….Gulak just BARELY kicks out. Lorcan hits Gulak with several European uppercuts, and the referee checks on Gulak. Gulak gets up and hits Lorcan with a strike to the throat behind the referee’s back and then picks him up, puts him on his shoulders, hits a swinging neck breaker and picks up the victory.

Winner AND STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Drew Gulak


Murphy starts fast against Apollo Crews and snap mares him to the mat before hitting a big kick to the back of Crews. He goes for the cover but Crews kicks out. He locks in a sleeper, but Crews fights up and sends Murphy into the corner. We get both men bouncing off the ropes and finally hit each other with a high velocity cross body.

Murphy gets up first and jumps to the top rope. He tries for a crossbody, but Crews catches him, throws him up on his shoulders, then hits a Samoan Drop. He surveys and then hits a standing Moonsault. He sends Murphy to the outside and looks to hit another moonsault onto Murphy, but Murphy moves and pushes Crews into the steps.

Murphy sends Crews back into the ring, and he looks to get back in himself, but he’s attacked by Rowan from behind and the match is thrown out. Rowan screams at Murphy to keep his name out of his mouth, and then power bomb throws him into the ring post.


Bliss starts the match with Billie Kay and she quickly takes out Kay. Kay has to tag in Peyton Royce and Alexa tags in Nikki Cross. Cross is taken out by Royce and Peyton tags back in Kay. Kay locks in a rear chin lock, and then turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex. She goes for a cover, but Cross kicks out. Royce comes back in and she looks to clothesline Cross, but both women grab each other’s hair and send each other to the mat.

Alexa is tagged in and so is Billie Kay, who get clotheslined hard to the mat. Alexa hits Kay with the Insult to Injury and Kay has to roll over to Royce and tag once more. Nikki Cross grabs Kay with a sleeper and the two fall outside of the ring. Alexa Bliss hits a surprise right cross on Peyton Royce and then climbs to the top to hit the Twisted Bliss and pick up the victory.

Winners and STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

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