WWE Smackdown Results | Roman Reigns & The Usos Team Up, Royal Rumble Go-Home Show

January, 24th, 2020


We are getting straight down to the action this week folks as we kickstart things with a six-man tag team match. Jey Uso and Dolph Ziggler start things off in the ring, where the Show-Off catches Jey with a cheap elbow in the corner of the ring.

Despite that, Jey responds with a sharp chip as he brings in his brother and The Usos hit a quick double team to showcase their abilities. Ziggler smartly rolls away and brings in Robert Roode who brings an aggression to the match as he stomps away at Jimmy.

Jimmy then gets launched over the top rope where he then slips, landing awkwardly on his leg. Ziggler then takes advantage of this as he launches him into the ring post and the steps as the official stops the match and brings out the medical team.

Jimmy @WWEUsos is helped to the back after a VICIOUS attack by @HEELZiggler on #SmackDown.@WWERomanReigns @BaronCorbinWWE @RealRobertRoode pic.twitter.com/z6de7wXDbU

— WWE (@WWE) January 25, 2020

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Jimmy is then helped out of the match to the back, turning this into a handicap match. As we return from commercial it is Roman Reigns in the ring, duking it out with Dolph, dominating as he brings his cousin back into the match.

Jey tries to keep the momentum going but gets caught with a Deep Six from Corbin as Ziggler then gets away with a cheap shot on the outside. The heels beatdown on Jey and isolate him, using the numbers to their advantage with constant tags.

Jey desperately tries to make a tag, but King Corbin rags Roman away at the last minute, not allowing him to tag. Corbin then attacks the Big Dog on the outside, launching him out into the crowd to isolate Jey even further. Despite being on his own, Jey continues to fight though, using Corbin’s momentum against him to avoid his attack, sending him into the ring post.

Reigns then gets back to the apron and Jey makes the tag, but Baron quickly gets out of dodge. Instead, Reigns starts lighting up Dolph Ziggler, catching him with a massive clothesline before his classic attack in the corner with 10 clotheslines in a row which he follows with a huge boot.

Roman tries to set up the Spear but Roode gets up on the apron to distract the official, allowing Corbin to attack Reigns in the corner, leading to him walking into a Superkick. However, those tactics don’t work this time out as Reigns kicks out.

Ziggler then dumps the Big Dog out of the ring as the heels then attack on the outside. The trio then continues to make quick tags as they beat down Roman, not allowing him anytime to rest. Roode goes for the DDT but Reigns reverses it will a roll-up which he turns into a powerbomb.

This time Roman goes looking for the tag, and it is Jey Uso being ragged off the apron by Dolph Ziggler who launches him all around the ringside area. Ziggler then looks for the Superkick to Roman, but he reverses with a Superman Punch.

He tuning up the b̶a̶n̶d̶ PUNCH!!!! #SmackDown @HEELZiggler @WWERomanReigns pic.twitter.com/WQqEbmJhCF

— WWE (@WWE) January 25, 2020

Jimmy Uso then limps down and tags in, taking the fight to Robert Roode, catching him with a Samoan Drop as he then fires himself through the ropes to take out King Corbin as Ziggler eats a right hand. Jimmy then hits a huge crossbody, but Corbin breaks it up, so he eats a Superman Punch.

Corbin and Reigns then take their issues away from the match as they brawl around the fans, with Reigns nailing his rival with a trash can. Back in the ring, Jimmy Uso is able to hit the Uso Splashas they secure the victory for their team!

Winners: The Bloodline

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