WWE SmackDown Live Results (05/08): Backlash Fallout Show

Tonight’s SmackDown Live opens up from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD. Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show. He is joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.
We go right to the ring and SmackDown Live General Manager Paige makes her way down to the ring as commentary hypes tonight’s Money In the Bank Qualifying Matches.
Paige starts by welcoming us to tonight’s show and says that the first co-branded PPV known as Backlash was a smashing success and recounts the highlights, including Bryan’s first singles win on his comeback, Carmella beating Charlotte Flair, and the WWE Championship situation. Paige then says that the AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Match was on its way to being an instant classic until they got into a low blow confrontation where neither man could recover from.

Paige then says that she didn’t foresee that when she made the match no DQ Match, but we will hear from both men later. She then brings up Money in the Bank and says that we will have two ladder matches, one for the men and one for the women, with people from both brands competing in both ladder matches. Paige then says that whoever wins takes the contract back to their brand, so she needs the best that SmackDown has to offer.
And that means that the qualifying matches are starting right now.
United States Champion Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz (Men’s MITB Qualifying Match): The opening bell sounds and they lock up. They run the ropes and Jeff levels Miz down to the mat. The Miz starts fighting back, but Jeff drops him again and goes up top. The Miz scoots away from Jeff’s range and recovers. Jeff comes down and continues the offense on Miz. The Miz fires up and escapes a suplex attempt, then he throws Jeff to the outside. The Miz follows Jeff outside and slams him on the fan barricade. Jeff ducks a shot from Miz, then headbutts him and comes flying off the barricade with a flying clothesline on the floor. Back in the ring, Jeff drops Miz and hits a leg drop for a two count. Jeff looks for the Twist of Fate, but Miz escapes. They struggle, but Jeff ends up successfully hitting the Twist of Fate. Jeff goes up top, but The Miz rolls out to the apron. Jeff misses a shot, and Miz kicks him then drops Jeff’s neck on the apron. Back in the ring, Miz and Jeff trade right hands until Jeff stuns him with a Russian leg sweep. Jeff elbows Miz in the face and then goes up top and hits the Whisper In the Wind for a two count. The Miz starts to fight back, but Jeff kicks him to the outside and follows up with a suicide dive. Jeff throws Miz back in the ring and goes up top. The Miz drops Jeff over the top rope then starts pummeling on him. The Miz climbs up for a superplex, but Jeff blocks it and hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the turnbuckle for a two count. Jeff looks for the Twist of Fate but Miz escapes again. Jeff boots Miz into the corner then hits the double kick to the chest. Jeff follows up with the Twist of Fate, then he goes back to the turnbuckle. Jeff connects with the Swanton Bomb but Miz gets the shoulder up. The Miz reverses the pin into a roll-up on Jeff, and Miz steals the three count for the win. Winner & Qualifies For The Men’s MITB Ladder Match: The Miz
After the match, Miz goes right to the floor and sits up against the barrier to recover. Hardy sits up in the corner and looks disappointed as we go to replays. Miz stands tall at ringside as his music plays and the referee raises his arm.

We head backstage where we see that Sheamus is eating Lucky Charms and Cesaro rolls up to ask what he’s doing. Sheamus says that they are the only things that make him feel better after losing to Xavier Woods last week. Cesaro then says that he thought he had it and Sheamus offers up an excuse. Cesaro then says that it would have been different if he were in the match and Sheamus challenges him to do better.
Cesaro is all for it and says that nobody makes a fool out of The Bar two weeks in a row. Sheamus and Cesaro are on the same page. They fist bump and Cesaro opens his bag to see that it is full of pancakes. Sheamus is all giggles until he opens his bag and sees that it is full of pancakes as well. They dump their bags out in a pancake-induced rage.
Commentary hypes up the two remaining qualifying matches for later on tonight and we go to a commercial break.

Back from the commercial break and we get a video package for the soon to be debuting SAnitY.
We head backstage where Renee Young is interviewing Shinsuke Nakamura outside the door of his dressing room about how he’s not cleared to compete tonight, but once again he says that he doesn’t speak English. Young says that we have heard him speak English before, and he admits that that’s true, but he’s forgotten it. Nakamura is then asked if there is anything he would like to say to AJ Styles, he says that AJ is nuts but so is he and they’re not finished.
We get a promo from Carmella where she brags about beating Charlotte Flair and that she is gonna party, but not in a low-rent city like Baltimore. She says that she is gonna party next week in the UK with a Royal Mellabration.
Charlotte Flair makes her way down to the ring but her match will begin right after the commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get a promo from Tye Dillinger about how he’s going to win Money in the Bank. We get yet another promo from Naomi where she lists her accolades and promises to win and cash in and get her title back.
The IIconics makes their way down to the ring and Billie Kay starts talking by saying that they have some positive news, and she’s still an inspiration. She then says that her Uncle Craig has had an awful stutter his whole life, but when he saw the look on Charlotte’s face when she lost, that look sent him into hysterics. She then says that he laughed for an hour straight and even fell off the couch and that cured his stutter. Kay thanks Flair for that and says that she wants to bottle the look and sell it as a fragrance called “Disappointment by Charlotte”, and Peyton Royce tries to copy the look, but it’s only funny when Charlotte does it. Royce then says that she’s gonna make it happen again right now. The IIconics then say that The Money in the Bank briefcase is about the future, and the future is Iconic.
Charlotte Flair vs. Peyton Royce (Women’s MITB Qualifying Match): The opening bell sounds and Charlotte Flair starts off strong and repeatedly suplexes Peyton down to the mat. Charlotte chops Peyton and then hits a fallaway slam. Charlotte throws Peyton outside and she crashes in front of Billie on the floor. Charlotte follows her and they brawl around ringside. Peyton sends Charlotte into the ring post, then brings her back in the ring. Peyton tries to keep Charlotte grounded, and she gets frustrated after pinning for a two count. Peyton chokes Flair in the corner now until the referee breaks it up. Flair finally starts firing up and throwing strikes at Peyton. Flair drops her and then hits a belly to belly suplex. Peyton rolls outside after an assist from Billie, and Flair goes flying with a suicide dive. Flair only hits Billie, and then Peyton comes back and beats on Flair on the floor. The referee counts, and Peyton brings Charlotte back into the ring for a two count. Billie hits a cheap shot on Charlotte behind the referee’s back, and Peyton pins for another two count. Peyton misses a shot and Charlotte starts fighting back. Charlotte comes out of the corner with a big boot, then she climbs to the top turnbuckle. Charlotte goes for a moonsault, but Peyton blocks it with her knees. Charlotte starts selling her knee injury again, and Peyton beats on her while she’s down. Peyton continues the offense until Flair hits a spear for a two count. They grapple on the mat until Charlotte locks her in the Figure Eight for the win via submission. Winner & Qualifies For The Women’s MITB Ladder Match: Charlotte Flair
After the match, Flair looks up at the briefcase as her music hits. The referee raises her arm and we go to replays.
We get a recap of the Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass Match from Backlash and go backstage where Bryan is warming up and being interviewed.
He starts by saying that tonight the stakes are so high that you have to fight through your pain, but we shouldn’t forget why Cass attacked him. That is because he made the big man tap out. Bryan then says that the last time he won Money in the Bank, he cashed in on The Big Show to become champion, right here in Baltimore. Bryan then says that he’s got a history of defying expectations, and tonight is no different. Bryan then says that the bigger they are, the faster they tap.
Commentary then hypes up the match between Cesaro and Woods for later tonight and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get a promo from Shelton Benjamin talking about how he made the Money in the Bank Match famous and that he is gonna take the opportunity that he has been denied this whole time.
We then get a promo from Asuka about wanting to retrieve the contract and wanting to cash in on Carmella.
Cesaro vs. Xavier Woods: Kofi and Big E are at ringside in Woods’ corner, and Sheamus is at ringside in Cesaro’s corner. The opening bell sounds and they lock up. They trade holds as the crowd chants “we want pancakes.” Big E and Kofi start tossing pancakes to the crowd from ringside. Cesaro drops Woods with a shoulder tackle off the ropes. They run the ropes again, but this time Woods drops Cesaro with a hurricanrana and then beats on him in the corner. Cesaro comes back with a gut-wrench suplex and controls the next few moments of the match. Woods fights back with some kicks and he pins for a two count. Cesaro and Woods brawl back and forth now until Woods drives Cesaro face-first into the canvas for a near-fall. Sheamus gets on the apron to distract the referee, but Kofi gets involved too and evens the odds. Woods hits a Shining Wizard on Cesaro, while the referee is still distracted. Big E and Kofi team up to drop Sheamus at ringside, then Woods goes up to the top rope. Woods leaps, but Cesaro knocks him out of mid-air with an uppercut. Cesaro covers and scores the three count. Winner: Cesaro
After the match, The Bar celebrates as their music hits. Sheamus picks Cesaro up to celebrate as Kofi and Big E check on Woods in the ring. We go to replays and come back to Woods recovering in the ring as The Bar looks on from the stage.
We head backstage where AJ Styles is being interviewed. We see that he has the wound on his cheek that he got from Backlash. He admits that he got away from good taste by stooping to Nakamura’s level, but since Shinsuke isn’t done with him, he’s not done, and if Shinsuke has the guts to step back in the ring with him, he’ll finish it. Styles then says that Nakamura might be the King of Low Blows, but this is the House That AJ Styles Built.
Becky Lynch and Mandy Rose are shown walking backstage separately as they will have a match right after the commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we see that the camera is paning over a hellacious landscape of tortured and twisted action figures until we see the Bludgeon Brothers. Rowan starts by saying that they have their own set of toys and he would like us to come play with them. Harper then says that they are waiting. The Bludgeon Brothers then  smash the camera with their mallets.
We head backstage where we see that Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are pep talking each other when Paige rolls up to remind them that Absolution is dead. They point out that she is not their mom and that they won’t abandon each other. Paige then says that she would have given them a heads-up if she knew that, because Sonya is barred from ringside.
Mandy Rose vs. Becky Lynch: The opening bell sounds, and Becky and Mandy lock up and go back and forth with holds early on. Rose decks Becky with a dropkick and beats on her while she’s down. Rose keeps Becky grounded now and tosses her around the ring. Becky tries to get back in the game, but rose slams her back down and talks some trash. Becky finally starts fighting back and unloads with strikes. Becky hits an uppercut, then goes for the Disarm Her, but Rose escapes. Becky connects with a t-bone suplex, then lays into Rose with right hands. Becky looks for the springboard kick, but Rose counters and is able to roll up Becky for the three count. Becky and Mandy both look surprised by the win. Winner: Mandy Rose
After the match, Rose hits the floor and stands tall as we go to replays. Rose heads to the back as Becky looks on.
Commentary then recaps Daniel Bryan’s history with Money in the Bank before he makes his way down to the ring for his qualifying match and sending us to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we are informed that The New Day and The Bar will be in a qualifying match next week, plus Andrade “Cien” Almas will make his debut and Carmella’s Royal Mellabration.
Aiden English then sings Rusev making his way down to the ring in his usual introduction.
Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev (Men’s MITB Qualifying Match): The bell sounds and Rusev and Bryan have a test of strength early on. They trade holds as the fans duel chants for both competitors. Rusev drops Bryan with a shoulder, then Bryan comes back with a single leg takedown. Bryan starts working over Rusev’s knees, then lays into him with kicks in the corner. Rusev fires up and slams Bryan down, then stomps a mud hole in him. Rusev charges, but Bryan ducks and Rusev falls out of the ring, crashing on the ringside floor. Bryan goes flying for a suicide dive, but Rusev catches him and throws him over the announce table. Rusev brings Bryan back in the ring and continues beating on him. Bryan finally comes back with a knee strike, then he hits some corner dropkicks. Bryan takes Rusev to the top turnbuckle and hits a hurricanrana. Bryan hits the yes kicks, but Rusev ducks one and drops Bryan. They grapple back and forth until Rusev hits a big boot for a two count. Fans continue to chant for both Rusev and Bryan, as Rusev looks for the Accolade. Bryan counters and puts Rusev in the Yes Lock, but Rusev grabs the ropes to break the hold. They trade strikes now until Bryan gets the better of things and stuns Rusev with a kicks. Aiden English now pulls Rusev outside to safety, so Bryan charges and kicks both of them through the ropes. Bryan goes flying off the apron and takes down Rusev at ringside. Bryan brings him back in the ring for a missile dropkick. Bryan is selling his ribs, but he gets up and waits in the corner as the “yes” chants start up. Bryan charges, but Rusev catches him and hits a gut buster. Rusev follows up with the Machka Kick for the three count. Winner & Qualifies For The Men’s MITB Ladder Match: Rusev
After the match, English enters the ring to celebrate with Rusev as the music hits. Bryan is still down on the mat as we go to replays. Rusev and English head up the ramp and talk some trash back at the ring. Bryan lays on the apron and looks disappointed. Rusev Day looks back at the ring and laughs at Bryan as he sits up. We see the Money In the Bank briefcase hanging high in the background as Bryan holds his ribs on the apron. SmackDown goes off the air.

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