WWE Reportedly Launching 205 Live House Show Events

According to a new report by PWInsider.com, WWE is planning to launch 205 Live house show events beginning in January of 2018.

The report adds the current plan is for WWE to hold the first 205 Live house shows over the weekend of January 18th, and the company is currently looking to book smaller buildings in the Northeast for the shows. The venues might end up being some of the same venues used for NXT live events.

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Photo Credit: YouTube.com

As of now, WWE is taking more of an experimental approach to the 205 Live house show event concept, with plans to hold live events over the course of one weekend in January and February, then assess the future following those events.

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During a WWE quarterly earnings conference call back in February of this year, Vince McMahon revealed there were plans to create new revenue sources for 205 Live, including live events, and McMahon added the following:

“We have created something called 205 Live, which is a show involving our cruiserweights, which is another whole division in which we are starting up now, which will again have its own sources of revenue in terms of live events as well as other things that are all – merchandising, licensing and all of that.”

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