WWE Reportedly Interested In ROH Stars, No One Lives Premiere & More

– To promote the limited theatrical release of the WWE Studios horror movie No One Lives, Brodus Clay will be hosting a Q&A this Friday night after a 7pm screening of the movie at the AMC Veterans 24 theater in Tampa, Florida. No One lives is being shown in 23 states.

– Ring of Honor star Mike Bennett is said to be on WWE’s radar, however people in ROH don’t expect him to leave any time soon. There is also renewed speculation that WWE is interested in Mark and Jay Briscoe.

– This week’s WWE Five-Star Match of the Week was chosen by Paul Heyman and he picked The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar from SummerSlam 2002. Heyman told WWE.com:

“First of all, I disagree with the designation that it’s The Rock vs. Brock. It is Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock. Brock deserves top billing. And he deserves top billing because he won the match. [Brock] did not win the match with outside interference. In fact, The Rock hit me with a Rock Bottom through a table. I was not an equation. Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock cleanly to become the Undisputed WWE Champion, and in doing so, he put his boot on the neck of The Attitude Era and anointed himself the new reigning monarch of the WWE Universe.”

* Major Angle Planned For THE SHIELD, Former WWE Superstar Returning Soon

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