WWE Raw Results (02/4/13) – Atlanta, Georgia

Date: February 4th, 2013

We are LIVE in: Atlanta, Georgia

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

Raw starts with a recap of last week when Vince McMahon, right about to fire Paul Heyman, was given the F5 by a returning Brock Lesnar.

As the show begins, CM Punk comes out and heads to the ring. Punk grabs Justin Roberts and tells him something.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the People’s Champion, CM Punk.

Punk: And now that that’s out of the way I want to explain to you people what having more than a week to digest does to one’s perspective. Did I overreact when I yelled and screamed and threw a tantrum? If you think I did then you don’t understand how great a champion I was. But I had a week to sit back, watch the footage, think about what happened. And I can stand here in front of everybody and say I didn’t overreact. But every action leads to a reaction and I reacted like any normal person would. I was screwed. The WWE Champion in its physical form was stolen from me by somebody who does not understand what it means to be champion. And all week i’ve had people asking me questions about this supposed video that Vince McMahon showed the world that proves Heyman and myself were in collusion with Brad Maddox and The Shield. I had people asking ME questions? No, let me ask all of you a question.

Punk leaves the ring and goes to a fan.

Punk: Did you see me in that video last week? Answer the question, four eyes! No, you did not see me! What about you, sweetheart? Did you see CM Punk’s face on the titan-tron? No you didn’t. Yet you all point you incriminating fingers at me. How about you, Michael Cole? Did you see Punk act in collusion with Brad Maddox and The Shield?

Cole: You were not in the video.

Punk: No? Well there you have it.

He goes back in the ring.

Punk: And it Paul Heyman says that it was not him, then it wasn’t him. It was somebody else. And as ridiculous as that may sound to you, put it up against what we’re dealing with here. You people bought into a video that Vince McMahon has put on his show as gospel truth. You tell me you believe Vince McMahon? That wasn’t Paul Heyman that was Paul Giamatti. That was CGI. Vince has the cash to do it. So if Vince want to screw me out of the championship he’ll do it. If hew ants to paint a picture of me and Heyman being bad guys, he will put a video and all you fat, stupid, lazy people are going to eat it up. Vince McMahon was hoisted high in the air and he was dumped on his hip and he got what he deserved. In fact Vince just had hip surgery today. Brock Lesnar broke his hip, and that’s what Vince deserved. That’s karma, folks. People who deserve it get it. That’s exactly why all of you are never going to amount to anything in life. You don’t DESERVE it. If you think i’m wrong, come in here and shut me up. I’ll punch your face and throw you over the guardrail. Because i’m the champion! All of you losers in life get what you deserve. You get nothing. You’re all worthless. Vince go what he deserved, and in a few short weeks i’ll get what I deserves, the champion held by The Rock. But that’s just a physical belt. The REAL champ is here. The Rock is going to get what he deserves, and i’m going to get what I deserve, because this is the 442 day of the-

Smackdown GM Booker T comes out.

Booker T: Actually-

Punk: Nobody wants to hear from you! This isn’t even your show!

Booker T: Actually, you’re mistaken, Punk. As managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw, Vickie Guerrero allowed me to come out and decide your fate. But i’m not going to do that. I’m going to let the WWE Universe do that?

Punk: Are you drunk? You’re gonna let them do that?

Booker T: As we are on the road to WrestleMania, I figure we should have you face a former WrestleMania opponent. How about your WrestleMania 26 opponent, Rey Mysterio? Or how about your WrestleMania 27 opponent, “The Viper” Randy Orton? Or perhaps your opponent last year at WrestleMania 28, Chris Jericho? WWE Universe, all you have to do is download the WWE App and vote for the opponent.

Punk: These people don’t even have smartphones! They’re a bunch of idiots!

Booker T: They’re going to make the decision. And I know you can dig that…SUCKA!

Michael Cole shows everyone how you can download and use the App. Choose whether CM Punk will face Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or Chris Jericho.

Plus, an “Epic Announcement” for another inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame later tonight.

Ryback comes out and heads to the ring for a match.


Over at WWE Active, Randy Orton tells Matt Striker that he can’t think of a better time and place to face CM Punk than in Atlanta tonight. He’s been running his mouth, but he knows how to shut him up…with an RKO.

United States champion Antonio Cesaro comes out as Ryback’s opponent.

[Match 1]
[Singles Match]
[Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro]

Bell sounds. They grapple. Ryback shoves Cesaro into a turnbuckle. Cesaro runs at Ryback and punches him in the back. He then gets behind Ryback and Ryback throws Cesaro up and over. He pins Cesaro to the corner and lands a volley of punches before Cesaro catches him with a headbutt. Ryback counters with a hip toss followed by a leg drop for two. Ryback grabs Cesaro and puts him in a tree of woe position. He stomps on Cesaro’s chest until the champ rolls out of the ring. Ryback grabs Cesaro and throws him back in the ring. Cesaro gains leverage and stomps on Ryback over and over again. He picks hims opponent up and lands a knee strike to the face followed by a European uppercut. He goes for a whip but Ryback counters with a Lou Thez followed by head slams against the mat. He throws Cesaro at the corner. Cesaro gets out of the corner and catches Ryback with a clothesline to the back of the neck.


Ryback whips Cesaro into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder bump. Cesaro gets up and walks into a spinebuster. Cesaro rolls out of the ring and tries to leave, but Ryback runs after him and drops him on the ground. He grabs him and throws him back in the ring. Cesaro catches Ryback on the apron with a jawbreaker. Cesaro grabs Ryback and tosses him head first into the turnbuckle post followed by a whip shoulder first into the ring steps. Cesaro gets back in the ring and waits for the ref to count out Ryback. Ryback slides back in the ring at 9. Cesaro keeps Ryback in the corner with pot shots and then drops Ryback with a falling knee to the face off the top for two. Cesaro runs at Ryback and Ryback with a knee lift, and elbow and a back body drop. Ryback sets up for the meathook clothesline and
it connects. Once again Cesaro rolls out of the ring and tries to go into the crowd. Ryback grabs him and throws him back in the ring. Ryback whips him and Cesaro catches him with a big boot. Cesaro runs the ropes again and Ryback counters with a modified powerbomb. He waits for Cesaro to get up and delivers a second meathook clothesline. Ryback lifts Cesaro up and delivers Shellshock for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Ryback]
[Time: 09:50]

A video plays of last week showing John Cena picking to face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. The Shield comes out shortly after and beat Cena down. Sheamus and Ryback come in to help, but they were not able to take down the group and Cena was triple powerbombed.

Up next, we get an in depth look at The Shield.


Rey Mysterio’s turn to talk to Striker. He says Punk is embarrassing himself. He took him down at WrestleMania 26 and was the only one to take his hair in a match. There’s a lot of history between the two, and the one who knows his weaknesses is him. He can take care of it.

A video package plays showing The Shield’s actions towards various WWE Superstars over the past three months.

Cena is watching on a monitor. Vickie Guerrero walks over to him.

Vickie: I heard a rumor tonight that you’re going to call out The Shield? Just you? Do you have a death wish?

Cena: Right now there’s a show on called Monday Night Raw. There’s a guy on there named John Cena who is going to WrestleMania to face the WWE Champion. But right now, The Shield needs to be stopped…tonight.

Cena leaves.

Trish Status’s Hall of Fame induction video plays.

The “Epic Announcement” is still to come. Plus, who will face CM Punk tonight? Decide now!


Chris Jericho talks to Striker. He says you don’t call yourself the best in the world. You claim it. And tonight we get to see who is the best on this time at this place. If you want to see it, vote on WWE App. Punk versus Jericho tonight? It’s up to us.

Santino Marella heads to the ring for a match. Booker T is joining the commentary team for this match.

His opponent, Jack Swagger, comes out next.

[Match 2]
[Singles Match]
[Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger]

Bell sounds. They grapple and Swagger slams Santino down face first. They grapple again and Swagger whips Santino into the ropes followed by a knee to the gut and a hip toss. Swagger punches Santino in the corner and delivers three more knee strikes to the gut. Swagger steps back and goes for a splash, but Marella avoids it and lands a forearm followed by a few rights and lefts. He goes for a whip, but Swagger powers Santino down and lands a Swagger bomb off the turnbuckle. He applies the anklelock (now called The Patriot Act) and Santino taps out.

[Winner via Submission: Jack Swagger]
[Time: 01:26]

Swagger goes over to Booker T and says that he’s just getting started. He leaves.

Voting for CM Punk’s opponent has officially begun! The results will be after the break.


Because too many people are voting on WWE Active causing the app to not work, they’re going to give people more time to vote.

World Champion Alberto Del Rio comes out and heads to the ring for a match. Ricardo Rodriguez is not with him this week due to Big Show’s actions on Smackdown.

His opponent, Cody Rhodes, comes down to the ring next.

[Match 3]
[Singles Match]
[Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes]

Bell sounds. Cody with a kick and punches into the corner. Whip to Dle Rio and Del Rio counters with an elbow followed by a reverse headscissors. Del Rio kicks Cody in the back of the head. As he picks him up Cody slaps him in the face and Del Rio unleashes numerous kicks into the corner. Del Rio runs and hits an inzigiri kick to the shoulder. He covers and gets a one count. He picks Cody up and Cody with a knee breaker. Cody kicks Del Tio into the corner and delivers a headbutt. He backs up and runs at Del Rio, but Del Rio avoids and hits two clotheslines followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio waits for Cody to get up before hitting a crescent kick to the side of the head for a count of two. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Cody counters with a Disaster Kick for a close two count. Rhodes runs at him and this time Del Rio ducks a clothesline and applies the Cross Arm Breaker submission. Cody taps out.

[Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio]
[Time: 02:47]

Del Rio: I’m proud to be here in front of all of you here tonight. I used to be a different person and looked down on everybody, but I was wrong. And the Big Show bullied me like he bullied everybody. That is why I really really appreciate all of your support. You, you, you, all of you made me open my eyes and now i’m the World Heavyweight Champion. Not just for me, but for the people out there. The people who struggle, fight, and work every single day to put food on their table. People being bullied. Bullied by monsters like Big Show. Big Show, you are going to pay for what you did to my best friend Ricardo Rodriguez. If you think what happened last Friday was bad, just wait-

Big Show appears on the tron.

Show: Alberto! Hola! Buenos Noches, amigo! Now hold on, do get your fiery Latino hot sauce boiling. I’m not at the arena. I’m in an off site hotel.

Alberto: You’re in a hotel because you don’t have cajones, amigo!

Show: English! You think i’m a coward? You know how hard it is for me to control and rage and resist snapping you in half? You think i’m afraid of you because of what happened in the parking lot? I left to prevent myself from tearing you apart limb from limb. This issue is about how you have stolen my championship. So for me to finish you off in a parking lot of a ring in Atlanta doesn’t get me what I want. I want a match with you at Elimination Chamber. Booker T knows where i’m staying. Sign the contract, have one of your lackeys send the contract to me and i’ll sign it. Don’t even think about trying to find me in this hotel. If you come to me, and you think what happened to your friend Ricardo was bad? That’s nothing compared to what I will do to you.

Alberto: Show! Come here! Come and fight me! SHOW!

Show signs off.

Jerry Lawler grabs the mic.

Lawler: Earlier we gave the WWE Universe the chance to vote for Punk’s opponent. Let’s see who it’s going to be.

The votes are in and the winner is…Chris Jericho with 57% of the votes! Tonight CM Punk takes on Chris Jericho.

Also tonight, Miz presents MizTV with special guest Paul Heyman. Plus, John Cena is calling out The Shield.


The tag champs Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage talking about their loss to Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara last week.

Kane: How is it MY fault?

Bryan: You’re my tag team partner. That means you’re supposed to do your part, partner!

Kane: I thought you could take care of yourself, partner!

Bryan: I can take care of myself, and i’ll prove it tonight. No matter what happens to me, you stay back here!

Bryan leaves.

Kane: Fine! Good!

Rey Mysterio comes out and heads to the ring for a match.

His opponent, Daniel Bryan, comes out next.

[Match 4]
[Singles Match]
[Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan]

Bell sounds. They grapple. Bryan with a snapmare into a kick to the back. Bryan covers and gets a few one counts. Ray leaps out of it and dropkicks Bryan down. He follows with knee strikes to the face. Bryan pu8shes him into the ropes. Rey runs off the ropes and goes for a head scissors, but Bryan catches him with an inverted powerslam Rey gets on the apron. Bryan goes after him and Rey punches him back. Rey climbs up a nearby turnbuckle and Bryan catches him with some punches causing him to fall backward. Bryan steps back and goes for a running dropkick, but Rey lifts himself back up on the turnbuckle and Bryan hits the turnbuckle post.


Rey and Bryan are in a grapple. Rey with right hands, but Bryan counters with an overhead suplex. He stomps on Rey’s hands a couple times before picking him up and hitting a couple arm breakers. Bryan kicks Rey at the turnbuckle and then tosses him out of the ring. Rey tries to get back in the ring but Bryan with a baseball slide. Bryan runs the ropes and goes for a suicide dive, but Rey catches him with a forearm shot. Rey gets on the turnbuckle and hits a seated senton followed by a running headscissors. Mysterio with a hurricarana followed by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head for a two count. Rey puts Bryan in the middle ropes and Rey goes for a 619 but Bryan counters with the No Lock submission. Rye rolls Bryan up into a two count. Bryan gets to his feet and lifts Rey up only for Rey to once again put Bryan at the middle rope. He goes for the 619 and it connects! Rey climbs to the top and goes for a splash, but Bryan rolls out of the way. He applies the No Lock on Rey and Rey taps.

[Winner via Submission: Daniel Bryan]
[Time: 05:04]

Suddenly, Mark Henry comes out! Henry marches to the ring. Bryan goes to dive at him, but Henry simply slams him to the outside. He enters the ring and drops Mysterio with a spinebuster. Sin Cara comes out to try and help his friend. He springboards into the ring and Henry catches him. He drops Cara with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry turns his attention back to Mysterio. Mysterio fights back and punches Henry into the ropes. Mysterio runs the ropes, but Henry catches Mysterio and drops him with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry climbs up the turnbuckle and hits Rey with a splash off the top. Henry tosses Cara out of the ring and paces around the ring looking angry before leaving.

Tonight, Chris Jericho takes on CM Punk.


Backstage, Bryan confronts Kane.

Bryan: KANE! Did you see what Mark Henry just did? Where were you?

Kane: You told me to stay back here.

Bryan: When do you ever listen to me? You owe me an apology, partner!

Kane: Your words hurt me. We’re supposed to be friends, and there’s nothing more important than our friendship.

Bryan: Really?

Kane: Hell no!

Kane walks away laughing.

A recap video plays showing Heyman getting caught working with Brad Maddox and The Shield. Right as Vince McMahon was about to fire him, Brock Lesnar came out and delivers the F5 to Vince.

Cole and Lawler explain that Vince had to have hip replacement surgery due to Lesnar’s actions, and they hope to get answers from Heyman on MizTV.

The camera cuts to Show at his hotel. He’s on the phone with Booker T.

Show: Booker, look. I’m not waiting all night at this hotel? Did he sign it? Good. You having someone send it over? I’m not waiting all night.

There’s a knock at the door. Show goes to open the door. A room service guy brings in food. Show looks relieved.

Show: About time.

The room service guy implies a tip offer.

Show: Oh. You want a tip. Well here’s one. Next time get a better job.

He shoves the guy out of the room and takes his meal.

Back at ringside, Sheamus comes out for a match.


His opponent, Kane, comes out next.

Cole announces that along with Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan will be in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

[Match 5]
[Singles Match]
[Kane vs. Sheamus]

Bell sounds. They grapple. Kane and Sheamus fight in the corner. Sheamus turns Kane into the corner and lands some punches. Kane throws Sheamus into the corner next. Sheamus with punches once more, and this time Kane catches him with a jab to the throat. Kane slams Sheamus into the corner and kicks him down. He picks Sheamus up and whips him. Sheamus with a knee lift. Off the ropes and Kane with a sidewalk slam for two. Kane punches Sheamus down and then exits the ring. Sheamus shoves Kane towards the barricade. He grabs and tosses him back in. As Kane gets up he delivers a jab to the throat of Sheamus. Kane with a big right hand and Sheamus with the Irish curse backbreaker. Sheamus spears Kane into the corner. He delivers another knee lift and forearm clotheslines Kane over the top. Kane lands on his feet and climbs back on the apron. Sheamus grabs him and goes for a two count of blows to the chest, but Kane stops halfway with a jawbreaker. Kane climbs to the top and goes for a clothesline off the top. Sheamus moves out of the way and goes for the Brogue Kick. Kane grabs his leg and goes for the chokeslam, but Sheamus counters with a White Noise attempt. Kane slips out of it, runs the ropes and hits a DDT.

Bryan runs down to the ring and gets on the apron. He yells at Kane saying “Where were you?” Kane grabs him by the throat and tells him to mind his own business. Bryan jumps off the apron. Kane turns around and Sheamus catches him with the Brogue Kick for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus]
[Time: 03:48]

Tonight, Cena calls out The Shield. Up next is MizTV with Paul Heyman.


Miz is in the ring for MizTV.

Miz: Welcome to the most must see WWE talk show in history. Welcome to MizTV! My guest tonight shocked the world when he reintroduced the beast himself Brock Lesnar who then proceeded to attack Brock Lesnar-

Heyman comes out.

Heyman: Stop stop stop stop! Please stop! Mr. Mizanin don’t say another word.

Miz: Paul, I haven’t introduced you yet.

Heyman enters the ring.

Heyman: I will introduce myself to you right now. I agreed to be on MizTV to clear my name, and I won’t have someone like you soil my name and reputation.

Miz: Right, because your name wasn’t already soiled.

Heyman: You’re stepping into slander. What I want to do this time is offer my best wishes to the Chairman of WWE, and you can change that look on your face because you know as well as I do that Mr. McMahon had hip surgery today, and I think it-

Miz: You have got to be kidding me! You think that we beliver you care what happened to Mr. McMahon after what Brock did?

Heyman: again with the allegations. I did not know that Brock Lesnar was in Las Vegas. I did not know that Lesnar was going to attack Vince McMahon. I did not order Brock to do that. I’m sorry it happened. And maybe if Mr. Mizanin you weren’t so obsessed with MizTV you’d see that I was trying to talk Brock Lesnar down.

Miz: That’s funny because I saw a tape where you paid of Brad Maddox and The Shield so CM Punk could keep his championship. We also saw Vince about to fire you. I have to admire you. You have to be the most habitual liar I have ever seen in my life.

Heyman: How dare you invite me on your show and talk to me like that. You have questions about The Shield and Maddox, but I have a question. Don’t you agree that CM Punk was scrwed? That Vince screwed Punk out of the WWE Championship? Don’t you agree that at Elimination Chamber Punk is going to destroy The Rock and regain the WWE Championship?

Miz: You’re changing the subject?

Heyman: I will answer your questions as soon as you answer mine.

Miz: Paul, you’re crowding me. I need you to step back-

Vickie: EXCUSE ME! This bickering has to stop!

Vickie enters the ring.

Vickie: Paul Heyman is telling the truth. Heyman had nothing to do with Brock Lesnar returning last week. I did. I was secretly negotiating with Brock for awhile, and I kept it quiet because Lesnar’s track record is controversial. but I recognize that Brock is an elite free agent, and by seizing this opportunity, resigning Brock was the chance for me to impress Mr. McMahon so he would promote me to General Manager of Raw. So last week at Raw Roulette Brock and I finalize our deal. Paul Heyman and I had no idea that Brock would do what he did to Mr. McMahon. I feel terrible and awful about what happened to Mr. McMahon!

Vickie cries and Heyman consoles her.

Heyman: It’s okay. Vickie. If it means anything to you, I believe you Vickie. I really do. Ladies and gentlemen if we could take a moment right here I suggest we have a moment of silence for Vincent Kennedy McMahon-

Vickie: WAIT! I have one better on you. Let’s all CRY for Mr. McMahon’s well being!

Heyman and Vickie lowers their heads.

Miz: Really? Really? REALLY? You two are lying through your teeth. Paul you hated Vince ever since he ruined your little company. And Vickie how many times has Vince ripped the GM opportunity from your hands? And you expect us to-

Heyman: I’ve had enough with you. Now you’re offending me!

Miz: You two are bottom feeders. You live off the misery of others.


Miz: For how long? Until Vince recovers and fires you. Then he will go back to firing Paul, and we won’t have to hear from your walrus faces ever again, and I can’t wait to see that-

Brock Lesnar comes out! Heyman and Vickie retreat. Miz stays in the ring. Brock walks down and enters the ring. He and Miz stare at each other. Heyman yells at Miz to leave. Brock slaps Miz in the face and clotheslines him down. He then tosses Miz out of the ring. He grabs the furniture and throws it around. Miz gets back in the ring and attacks Lesnar from behind. Brock simply lifts Miz up and drops him with the F5. Heyman enters the ring and says

Heyman: No more! Miz is sorry. He’s sorry!

Lesnar looks down at Miz and leaves the ring with Heyman.


Randy Orton comes down to the ring for a match.

His opponent, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, comes out next.

Bo Dallas gives a short promo saying to Barrett that he’s the underdog, but this underdog has a bite.

[Match 6]
[Singles Match]
[Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett]

Bell sounds. Barrett punches Orton into the corner. He then whips Orton into the ropes. Orton counters with a Thez Press and punches Barrett down. Orton with European uppercuts. Barrett whips Orton into the corner and Orton with a clothesline. Barrett rolls out of the ring. Orton goes after him and slams his face onto the apron. Orton grabs Barrett from behind and back suplexes him onto the barricade. He tosses Barrett back into the ring and gets a two count. Orton kicks at each of Barrett’s limbs. He pick Barrett up and Barrett suplexes Orton followed by a clothesline out of the ring. Barrett smacks Orton against the apron before throwing him back in. He covers and gets a two count. Barrett with a couple elbow drops followed by a headlock. Orton gets to his feet and lands some elbows. Barrett goes for a side kick, but Orton counters with two clotheslines and a powerslam. Barrett gets on the apron and Orton delivers a DDT off the middle rope. Orton sets up for the RKO, but Barrett rolls out of the ring. Orton shoves him back in. He slides back in and Barrett catches him with the Winds of Change for two. Barrett picks Orton up and goes for Wasteland, but Orton drives an elbow into the jaw. He goes for the RKO, but Barrett shoves Orton into the turnbuckle. Barrett goes for a big boot, but Orton avoids and Barrett hits the turnbuckle pad instead. He turns around and Orton catches him with the RKO for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Randy Orton]
[Time: 04:54]

Up next, CM Punk takes on Chris Jericho.


A short hype video for Fandango appears.

Chris Jericho comes out and heads to the ring for a match.

His opponent, CM Punk, comes out next.

[Match 7]
[“WWE Active” Match]
[Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk]

Bell sounds. They grapple. Punk with a chop to the chest. Jericho with chops of his own. He whips Punk and delivers an elbow. Punk at the corner and Jericho kicks him before delivering another chop. Jericho grabs Punk and hits a suplex. Jericho with a fist drop on Punk for two. Punk with a leg takedown followed by kicks to the back. Punk chops Jericho in the chest and whips him before hitting a knee to the chest. He covers and gets two. Punk applies an arm lock. Jericho gets to his feet and shoves Punk in the corner. Jericho with an elbow to the head. Punk with a whip to Jericho and Jericho catches him with a boot to the face. Jericho runs at him and Punk catches him by the neck with a headlock. He climbs up the turnbuckle and goes for a tornado DDT, but Jericho counters and clotheslines Punk out of the ring. Punk gets up and Jericho with a baseball slide. Jericho runs to the turnbuckle and goes to springboard off it, but Punk meets him on the apron and slams his head on the post causing Jericho to collapse on the mat.


Punk grabs Jericho from behind and hits a back suplex. Punk with a leg drop to the back of the head. He hits two more leg drops and Jericho kicks out at two. Punk applies a head lock. Jericho gets to his feet and punches Punk into the turnbuckle. Whip, counter from Punk. Jericho back body drops Punk. Punk lands on the apron and springboards for a clothesline, but Jericho avoids it causing Punk to crash land. Jericho runs the ropes and delivers a couple shoulder tackles. Punk tries to toss Jericho out of the ring, but Jericho lands on his feet and hits a double axe handle off the top. Jericho with a bulldog. He goes for the lionsault, but Punk raises his knees. Jericho goes for the Wall of Jericho, but Punk spins out of it and whips Jericho to the turnbuckle. Punk goes for a knee to the face, but Jericho moves out of the way and Punk hits the turnbuckle.

Jericho puts Punk on the turnbuckle and delivers a hurricarana off the top. He covers and gets a two count. Jericho tries to springboard again, but Punk grabs him and goes for the GTS. Jericho slips out of it and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Punk counters with a small package for two. Jericho rolls into a package of his own for two. Punk gets up and hits Jericho with a swinging neckbreaker for two. Jericho goes to the turnbuckle corner and Punk hits a running knee to the face followed by a clothesline. Punk climbs to the top and goes for the flying elbow. Jericho rolls out of the way. Jericho springboards and hits the lionsault for two. Jericho picks Punk up and Punk with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Punk covers and gets a two count. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice submission. Jericho crawls his way over to the ropes and gets a rope break. Jericho rolls to the apron. Jericho with a shoulder tackle to Punk. Jericho climbs the turnbuckle. Punk kicks Jericho at the turnbuckle and puts him on his shoulders for the GTS. He goes for it, and Jericho counters with the Walls of Jericho! Punk crawls his way to the ropes and finally gets a rope break. Jericho goes over to him. Punk goes for GTS, but can’t pick him up. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Punk shoves Jericho into the turnbuckle post head first. He throws Jericho into the post a second time before lifting him up and hitting GTS for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: CM Punk]
[Time: 14:57]

Cole announces the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame…Bruno Sammartino! In other news, pigs have just learned how to fly and Hell has frozen over.

A video package plays showing Sammartino’s wrestling career.

Still to come, John Cena calls out The Shield.


Punk is walking around backstage. Matt Striker walks over to him.

Matt: Excuse me, Punk. Sorry to bother you-

Punk: If you were going to be sorry you wouldn’t have bothered me.

Matt: I’d just like to know where your head’s at.

Punk: Everybody assumes i’m pissed off because The Rock’s off shooting commercials and movies. I’m not. I’m pissed because he’s walking around with a stolen title. That title belongs to me. I’m the best in the world. I prove it. And at Elimination Chamber i’ll prove it again.

Punk leaves.

Meanwhile, Josh Matthews is speaking with Cena.

Josh: After everything that has transpired between you and The Shield, why would you call them out?

Cena: Josh, I was in a funk last year. Take a good look. I am back, i’m focused, and we’re in the middle of whoop ass season. That’s why i’m calling out The Shield. There’s a time to laugh and entertain. That time stops when you get attacked. The Shield pushed. This time I push back.

Cena leaves.


We’re back at Show’s hotel room. He’s on the phone again.

Show: Book, i’ve been waiting here all night. I have better things to do. Is the guy coming here or not? All i’m doing is sitting here eating food-

Another knock at the door.

Show: That better be your guy.

Show answers the door. A worker comes in holding an envelope.

Show: I can’t believe you get paid to do this.

Show opens the envelope and reads the contract.

Worker: Show-

Show: Hold on. I’m reading.

Worker: Show, you should-

Show: Just relax, okay. I know what you’re going to say. You’re my “biggest fan”. I don’t do birthdays, tweets, or autographs. Now go on.

Show opens the door Del Rio is standing there. The man sees this and gets wide eyed.

Show: What are you looking at?

Show turns around and Del Rio attacks him. Show fights back and knocks Del Rio down with a punch.

Show: You glad you showed up? You think i’m afraid of you? I’m not afraid of you.

Show grabs hotel furniture and goes to hit Del Rio with it. Del Rio grabs a fire extinguisher and spray it in Big Show’s face before knocking him out with the extinguisher. Del Rio yells at him until some hotel customers walk by.

Del Rio: My friend had some bad Mexican food. Don’t worry.

They leave. Del Rio takes the elevator down.

Back at ringside, Brad Maddox is standing in the ring.

Brad: Last week Vince McMahon exposed the truth that I was manipulated by Paul Heyman to help him at Hell in a Cell. Paul Heyman prayed on me because he knew I was an honest, hard working, up and coming superstar just trying to make a name for myself, and now you all know the truth. And you know what? I’m glad it’s all out there. I am an innocent victim. I am innocent. I am a wronged man, and I did the only thing I could do when I gave Vince the footage that proved that Heyman was lying about The Shield’s involvement with CM Punk. So in a very, very real way I am the hero. I am the hero of this story, and as your hero it’s going to be ME and not John Cena…who’s going to teach The Shield about justice. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, justice awaits you. Come on down, boys.

The Shield comes down to the ring.

Ambrose: Thanks for the invitation, Brad. But we don’t need one. You want to be a hero? Nah, you’re just a rat. Don’t even compare yourself to The Shield. Justice isn’t free.

Seth: You want to teach The Shield about justice? Do you even understand the concept of Justice? Justice is The Shield putting a fame hungry stupid looking weasel like you in his place. Justice is us giving you the beating you deserve.

Brad; Come give it.

Roman: Last time it was all business. Tonight we’re going to take the time to enjoy this.

Ambrose: We get the feeling that Brad Maddox doesn’t believe in The Shield.

The Shield enter the ring. Maddox attacks them and The Shield start beating him mercilessly. They take Brad and deliver a triple powerbomb.

John Cena’s music plays! Cena comes out from within the audience.

Ryback’s theme plays and Ryback comes out through the people.

Sheamus’ theme plays, and sure enough Sheamus runs down through the crowd. Cena, Ryback and Sheamus stand at the barricade. The Shield tries to run off, but members of the Raw locker room stand in their way. The Shield head back in the ring. Cena, Ryback and Sheamus surround them. They get in the ring and everyone starts brawling. The attack proves too much and The Shield run off into the crowd while Cena, Ryback and Sheamus stand victorious as the show comes to an end.

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