WWE Over The Limit Pre-Show Report (05/20/12)

WWE Over The Limit Pre-Show Report
By Shaun Best – Rajah.com Reporter

Zack Ryder vs Kane
Kane piefaces Ryder, so Ryder responds with a shove. Ryder runs, baiting Kane into position for a dropkick through the ropes. Ryder drop toeholds Kane into the steps and hits a top rope plancha. Ryder mauls Kane, but Kane shoves him off and plants the Long Island Iced Z with a big boot. Kane goes after Ryder’s back. Ryder tries to fight out of a bearhug, so Kane runs him into the corner. Kane lands a basement dropkick and locks on a bodyscissors. Ryder fights free and avoids a big boot. With Kane’s foot caught in the top rope, Ryder delivers a neckbreaker and follows up with a flying forearm in the corner. Kane elevates Ryder onto the apron. Ryder hangs Kane up on the top rope, but gets caught going high risk. Ryder gets his knees up to counter a corner charge. Kane avoids a Rough Ryder as Ryder lands on his feet. Ryder walks into a side slam. Kane heads up top, so Ryder runs into the ropes to crotch the Big Red Machine. Ryder nails the Broski Boot. Ryder attempts the Rough Ryder for a second time, but Kane grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him to defeat. 1-2-3. A predictable finish, but at least it wasn’t a squash. Nevertheless, Ryder’s plight continues. Kane shoots fire out of the ringposts after the bell. Winner: KANE.

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