WWE NXT UK Results (2/6) Steel Corner Street Fight Main Event, A-Kid, More

Feb. 6th, 2020
York, England

Show opens with Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven arriving to the arena before their street fight.

Piper Niven vs. Dani Luna

Niven dominates much of the opening, with Luna using her size to wriggle out of Niven’s clutches. Niven gets a nearfall off of a big splash, and then takes the match to the mat. Niven gets another nearfall off of a short-arm lariat.

Niven hits a huge headbutt. Both women trade Samoan Drop attempts, until Niven finally hits a Powerslam for the pinfall.

WINNER: Piper Niven

A Gallus hype video plays. Backstage, Jordan Devlin explains that he’s the best, Jordan number one *clap clap*

A-Kid vs. Tyler Bate

They go to the mat to start. Kid continues to get the best of Bate. Kid uses his slinky, technical styler to keep Bate frustrated. Bate comes back with a suplex.

Bate goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press, but Kid counters with a Triangle Choke. Bate counters with an Airplane Spin. Kid counters with a nearfall and sends Bate to the outside. Kid hits a huge moonsault to the floor.

Back in the ring, Bate counters a splash with a dropkick. Bate hits a Lariat and Tyler Driver ’97 for the pinfall.

WINNER: Tyler Bate

After the match, Joseph Connors calls out Tyler Bate. Connors cuts an entire monologue without once looking at Tyler Bate. He spends the whole time talking to the floor, it’s distracting.

Last week’s main event is recapped. Backstage, Dave Mastiff wanders around the backstage are yelling “WALTER!”

Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Hawley) vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

Hawley gets dominated by Smith. Carter tags in and gets a nearfall. Hawley fights back. Stoker tags in.

Smith & Carter double team Stoker in the corner. Smith tags in. Stoker chops Smith into the corner and tags in Hawley, but Smith comes back with a double clothesline.

Hawley and Smith tag in and out dominating Smith. Stoker gets a nearfall and stretches Smith. Carter tags in and hits a series of swift kicks. Carter gets a nearfall off a Pumphandle Uranage. Smith tags in. Stoker pulls Hawley out of the ring. Both men rush the ring and take out Smith and Carter, getting a nearfall.

Carter blind tags in and hits an Electric Chair Ushiguroshi for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

After the match, Hawley & Stoker attack Smith & Carter. Backstage, Ilja Dragunov stops hitting a tire with a hammer to address Joe Coffey calling him out. Ilja says his days aren’t numbered.

Kay Lee Ray comes out to the arena, carrying the WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship Belt. She addresses Toni Storm. She describes the title belt as “intoxicating.” She is interrupted by Toni Storm.

Storm says that Kay Lee Ray stole the victory from Storm at Takeover. Ray says that Storm is obsessed with the title; addicted, and she’s gonna stage an intervention. Ray says she’s gonna make Storm say the words “I Quit.” Storm accepts the challenge to an “I Quit” match. Ray then adds the stipulation that if Storm loses, she doesn’t get another shot at the title.

All of the turnbuckle pads are removed for the Steel Corner Street Fight.

Steel Corner Street Fight: Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Seven charges Dennis at the start. Both men start brawling around the ring. Seven sends Dennis into the barricade. Seven chops away at Dennis’s chest. Dennis throws Seven into the steel steps.

Seven and Dennis trade blows. They fight into the crowd. Dennis hits a Powerbomb, over the barricade, onto the steel steps. Dennis puts Seven back in the ring for a nearfall. They fight out to the announce table. Seven counters a powerbomb, and hits a Burning Hammer off the announce table and through another table.

They fight back to ringside. Both men battle on the apron. Dennis slams Seven’s head into the turnbuckle. Both men collapse into the ring. Seven fights back and hits a Seven Star Lariat. Seven sends Dennis into two exposed buckles and hits a Burning Hammer for the pinfall.

WINNER: Trent Seven

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