WWE News: Raw Rating, Details on Daniel Bryan's Injury, Lesnar/Punk

— Monday’s Raw averaged 4.15 million viewers, making it the highest rated show of the night, just ahead of Game #3 of the NHL Stanley Cup finals. This is up from last week’s 3.99 million viewers. Hourly breakdown as follows: Hour 1: 4.03, Hour 2: 4.26, Hour 3: 4.17. [ Credit: Amanda Kondolojy ]

— Bryan Alvarez of f4wonline.com reports that Daniel Bryan suffered an injury last night on Raw which actually caused the finish of the match to be changed. Original plans had Bryan coming out on top but due to the “stinger”, everyone had to improvise on the fly. WWE then created the storyline of Bryan going backstage and confronting Triple H on his decision to call off the match. [ Note: This was evident throughout much of the latter portions of the match as everyone involved was scrambling to subtly communicate in order to get to the finish. ]

— For what it’s worth, Mike Johnson of pwinsider.com is reporting that the “argument” between Bryan and Triple H backstage was actually legit as well and that Bryan was “irate” which surprised many who witnessed the altercation. He adds that the two later apologized to each other.

— As reported earlier, Bryan Alvarez also confirms that the plan is for Brock Lesnar to face CM Punk not at Money in the Bank, but rather at Summerslam.

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