WWE Main Event results: Cesaro & The Usos vs. Del Rio & The Dudleyz

Episode 198, filmed on 7/12/2016 at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI, Aired on 7/13/2016 on Hulu.

Jack Swagger, Apollo Crews, & The Golden Truth vs. The Vaudevillains & The Ascension

Main Event kicks off with a good five minutes worth of entrances. Phillips and Otunga attempt to rap over The Golden Truth’s entrance. One of them coughs. Last but not least, The Ascension make their way to the ring.

English and Crews start it out. They tie up and Crews comes out of it ahead with a dropkick. All eight men run in to the ring and face off while English crawls to his feet and launches at Crews.

Crews is too quick and knocks English down, sending him out to the floor. All four good guys collect themselves in the ring.

Back from commercial, Crews and Viktor are now the legal men. Crews is in a bad spot in the neutral corner but he breaks free. Goldust tags in, surprising Viktor with an atomic drop. Viktor tags Konnor and they double team Goldust.

Truth runs in to help, distracting the ref. Viktor gives Goldust a beat down in the bad guys’ corner. English tags himself in, lands a few blows, and tags in Gotch. Gotch covers for a pin but gets two.

Gotch beats Goldust into his corner and tags in English. English strikes him to the ground and covers for two. He tags in Konnor, who lands a vicious blow to the side of Goldust’s head and covers for two. He digs into Goldust’s shoulders with his massive hands, whips him into his corner, and tags in Viktor.

Konnor and Viktor rush the other corner, knocking the good guys to the floor. Viktor whips Konnor into Goldust in the corner, but Goldust gives Konnor a boot to the face. He tosses Viktor to the outside, knocks out the Vaudevillains, and then crawls to his corner to find Swagger waiting with the Hot Tag™. 

Viktor tries to stop it at the last second but can’t get there in time. Swagger takes out both members of the Ascension and hits a series of splashes in the corner.

English climbs the turnbuckle, jumping over Viktor, but Swagger knocks him with a nasty lariat. Swagger hits a powerslam, circles Viktor, and hits another huge lariat. Swagger covers, but Konnor jumps in to break up the pin.

Truth runs in and hits Konnor with the Lie Detector. English runs in and throws Konnor out of the ring. Goldust runs in and hits English with a powerslam. Gotch runs in and hits Goldust with a running knee. Crews runs in and throws Gotch to the outside. He hits a standing moonsault from the apron onto all the bad guys.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Swagger catches Viktor in the Patriot Lock. Viktor taps. The good guys celebrate.

Winners by submission: Jack Swagger, Apollo Crews, & the Golden Truth

Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox

Natalya is on commentary. She compliments Phillips’ suit and tells Otunga that he is always stylish. Otunga is dressed like he’s ready to cozy up by the fire with a glass of white wine after a long, hard day skiing in Vale.

Natalya trashes Becky Lynch. Otunga interrupts her and she compliments his sweater. She says that for her, redemption is a dished best served cold. That’s not how the saying goes, but whatever.

Back in the ring, Lynch and Fox trade shots, feeling each other out. Lynch runs at Fox. Fox ducks and sweeps the leg. Lynch, up again, hip tosses Fox. Natalya says that Becky Lynch is trying to copy Eva Marie with her hair color.

Lynch attempts an armbar but Fox powers out, sending Lynch into the corner. Fox takes her down and covers for two. Natalya is being mean on commentary. She’s doing a real good job making me want to see Lynch take the piss out of her at Battleground. The crowd chants “Becky.”

Fox hits a big boot and covers again. Two. Fox digs her knee into Lynch while stretching her arms back. Lynch powers out and takes down Fox. Fox rushes at Lynch, but Lynch hits her with her triceps meat, followed by two clotheslines and a dropkick.

Fox takes a rest in the corner, but Lynch gives her no reprieve, running at her with another clothesline. Lynch whips her back into the corner and kicks her in the stomach. She hits a Becksploder suplex and covers for two.

Natalya says, “Becky has no friends.”

Fox retreats to the corner again and Lynch runs at her with a spear. Fox dodges and rolls Lynch up for the pin. Lynch kicks out right into the DisArmHer. Fox taps.

Winner by submission: Becky Lynch

Natalya and Lynch stare each other down. Phillips asks Otunga if he agrees with all the mean things Natalya said. Otunga doesn’t agree with her.

The Raw Rebound

Vince McMahon was disappointed with his kids for not killing each other. He named Shane McMahon as the new commissioner of SmackDown Live and relieved him of his responsibilities on Raw.

Vince named Stephanie McMahon commissioner of Raw. He told them he wants them to compete because one of them might inherit the “keys to the kingdom.”

Next week, Stephanie and Shane have to pick a general manager.

Titus O’Neil vs. Sheamus

Sheamus and Titus O’Neil circle each other. Sheamus beats O’Neil into the corner and pounds him down. O’Neil powers out and attacks Sheamus. He slaps Sheamus and pulls him in for a lariat.

Otunga talks about how O’Neil wanted to get drafted to the NFL, but the NFL didn’t want him so he probably has a complex about drafts now.

They trade blows back and forth. The crowd tells Sheamus that he looks stupid, followed by a “Sheamus sucks” chant. He hasn’t looked stupid or sucked since he came back last year with the mohawk.

Sheamus climbs the top rope and hits a flying shoulder block on O’Neil. He covers for two. Otunga says that O’Neil and Sheamus have the same barber. Sheamus applies the headlock on O’Neil but he powers out. The crowd starts cheering for O’Neil. Sheamus hits him with a powerslam. Covers again for two.

Sheamus tries to drag O’Neil to the corner, but he counters and throws Sheamus across the ring. Sheamus escapes to the apron to catch his breath, but O’Neil knocks him to the floor with a shoulder block.

O’Neil runs around the ring and dishes a huge forearm, followed by his signature barking. He tosses Sheamus into the ring, hits a series of shoulder blocks, and a back breaker. But Sheamus connects with a thumb to the eye out of nowhere and follows with a Brogue Kick. He covers Titus for three.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Cesaro & The Usos vs. Alberto Del Rio & The Dudleyz

Several children give Del Rio thumbs down on his way to the ring. Another fan hands him a Mexican flag. The Dudleyz follow. The good guys come out next. Cesaro rips off his suit, revealing an Usos shirt. The Usos are wearing Cesaro’s armbands. It’s cute. They’re all friends.

Otunga makes a fat joke about Bubba Ray. Hey man, don’t be a bully, be a star. Jimmy Uso and Bubba start it off. They circle each other, but Jimmy wanders into the bad guys’ corner and D-Von punches him. Jimmy turns his back on Bubba, big mistake.

Bubba throws him into the corner, pounds him around the ring, and whips him against the ropes. Jimmy reverses into a crossbody and tags in his brother. Jimmy traps Bubba’s arm while Jey brings the hammer down from the top rope. Bubba turns the table and tags in his brother, D-Von.

Jey does a dance. D-Von rushes at him, but Jey slips out of the way and pushes D-Von into the good guys’ corner. He tags in his brother and Jimmy lands a flying forearm to D-Von in the corner.

Jimmy attempts to tie D-Von’s arm up, but D-Von reverses and whips him into the bad guys’ corner. Jimmy knocks Bubba and Del Rio off the apron. D-Von charges, but he’s met with Jimmy’s boot hitting his face. Jimmy climbs to the top rope, but Del Rio pushes him off right into D-Von’s fist. D-Von celebrates as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Del Rio has Jimmy in a headlock. Jimmy powers out, but Del Rio shoves him into the corner. Jimmy kicks the charging Del Rio in the face. Del Rio backs off and charges again. He manages to tie up Jimmy over the second rope and lands a jumping stomp across Jimmy’s chest.

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Del Rio tags in D-Von and he lands a couple of punches before tagging in Bubba. The Dudleyz plant Jimmy hard on the ground.

Bubba grabs Jimmy by the hair and yells, “This is for your daddy.” He punches him and says, “This is for Wrestlemania.” Punch. “This is for your mother.” Punch. “This is for The Rock.” Punch. “This is for your 97 cousins.” Punch. “And this is for the High Chief Peter Maivia, who I especially think sucks.” Punch.

He runs out of reasons to punch him and decides to do a running elbow drop instead. He covers for two.

Bubba grabs Jimmy’s head and forces him to look at the bad guys. Bubba asks him which one he wants. Bubba tags Del Rio. Del Rio sends Jimmy into the corner, points at him, charges, and kicks him in the side of the face. He covers for two.

Del Rio sets up for something, charges again, but Jimmy tosses him out of the ring. Jimmy begins the long crawl to his corner for the Hot Tag™.

The Dudleyz rush the ring and stop him. They drag him to their corner and Del Rio tags Bubba. Bubba goes back to punching Jimmy and then turns his back to celebrate. Turning back around, Jimmy kicks him in the head.

It’s time. 

Jimmy launches himself right into the hands of Cesaro, thus completing The Hot Tag™.

Bubba tags in D-Von but Cesaro is on a tear. He takes out all the bad guys and gives the Dudleyz an uppercut train. He covers D-Von for two.

He sets up D-Von for the big swing, but Del Rio hits him with the backstabber. An Uso hits Del Rio with a superkick and then Bubba takes down the Uso. Bubba powerslams Cesaro and sets him up for D-Von’s flying dive into the crotch, but an Uso superkicks the back of his head.

Cesaro then rolls Bubba into the setup for D-Von’s flying crotch smash and shouts “Whassssup.” One of the Usos pushes D-Von into Bubba’s waiting crotch. The Usos double superkick D-Von and then launch themselves onto Del Rio and Bubba, who are staggering on opposite sides of the ring.

Cesaro gets D-Von in the big swing as the crowd goes bonkers. Cesaro swings D-Von 10 times and then locks in the Sharpshooter. Bubba tries to stop it, but the Usos stop him. The pain is overwhelming, forcing D-Von to tap.

Winners by Submission: Cesaro & The Usos

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