WWE Fan Gets Kicked Out of the Barclays Center Two Nights in a Row, Video of Fan Ejection During Raw Main Event

WWE “Superfan” Felicia Rose noted on Twitter that she was kicked out of The Barclays Center for Raw this week, and the ejection came just 24 hours after Rose was kicked out of the venue for SummerSlam.

Rose reportedly held up a sign during SummerSlam which read “Face F**k Me Finn”, and that got her ejected on Sunday night. It’s unclear why she was ejected on Monday night, but as noted, another unruly fan was ejected during the Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns main event, and it appears as if Rose’s ejection had something to do with that as she would not remain seated during the incident.

You can check out footage of the other unruly fan being ejected by security, and that is why the Barclays Center crowd appeared to be distracted at one point during Balor vs Reigns:

Kicked out second night in a row. Apparently you can have fun here either @barclayscenter

— The People’s Tramp (@FeliciaRose) August 21, 2018

Sorry, mom. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I stood up for 10 seconds/was getting into the match a bit here and there. Person next to me was a bit more rowdy. Was told to sit by security (not by fans-I did not hear… https://t.co/YMB0ba0MpC

— The People’s Tramp (@FeliciaRose) August 21, 2018

@OKayFabe okayfabe you heard about what happened at raw in the main event pic.twitter.com/zxECz4FXZh

— shemaiah mills (@shemaiahmills13) August 21, 2018

All I was doing was enjoying the match 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/c37rOkod21

— The People’s Tramp (@FeliciaRose) August 21, 2018

The star of #raw tonight was this anti-Roman fan. Before almost getting in a fight and getting kicked out he single handedly hijacked the main event. pic.twitter.com/3R8OgjynyH

— Big B (@BTuckerTorch) August 21, 2018

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