WWE Considers Dropping McMahon Death Storyline; Reaches Out To Trish Stratus

sources: Wrestling Observer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

In the wake of WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel’s death yesterday, there was a significant push within WWE to drop the “McMahon death” angle as quickly as possible, citing bad taste and timing. And of course, they are others who are against dropping it. The angle is expected to go on.

WWE tried to get Trish Stratus to appear on last week’s McMahon Appreciation show, but the word is that she turned them down, citing that she wants to move on in her life. Although, others internally were speculating that she was smart enough to know if she was going to return, this would be trivializing what could be a big deal. Had Trish appeared on the show, it would have been in Ashley’s spot on the show where she showed the clip of Vince forcing Trish to bark like a dog and strip to her underwear.

WWE also wanted to get NBC executive Dick Ebersol on last week’s show. Ebersol was instrumental in getting Saturday Night’s Main Event on NBC in the 80’s. He is a long-time friend and ally of Vince’s. Ebersol didn’t appear on the show because he couldn’t get time away from his duties to shoot a promo.

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