WWE Considering More Dual-Branded House Shows In The Future

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that there have been talks over the past week for more dual brand house shows like the recent one in Madison Square Garden. The idea would be to do combined shows on a rare basis and it would be on Friday nights in major markets. The reason why they would do it on Friday night’s is that the SmackDown house shows run from Saturday through Monday night so they would be free to get some SmackDown talent on a combined show on a Friday night
Typically, WWE loads up the MSG shows with talent from both brands and a special appearance by Brock Lesnar as a way to sell out the building because of the costs associated with running there. The idea of running more combined shows sounds like what they did during the last brand split many years ago. At first, it was a hard split but they slowly had talent go back and forth between shows.

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