WWE.com Photoshops HBK's Hairline; Rey's Return, Batista's Injury

partial source: www.f4wonline.com

They call Shawn Michaels the “Heartbreak Kid” but the “Half Bald Kid” nickname might be a bit more appropo for him these days. Currently on the front page of WWE.com, there is a photo of John Cena trying to help Shawn Michaels up after he was beaten down by Randy Orton at the end of Raw on Monday. If you see this picture, you will see that HBK has a full head of hair. However, if you click the link to the article, the same photo is enclosed, but his balding pate is greatly exposed as there is one big, long, “island-like” strand of hair in the middle of his forehead. In reality, Michaels’ hairline is actually rather “Hogan-esque” as it’s a lot farther back than how it’s presented because he combs it over to cover it up. You can see the un-photoshopped photo here and the article with that same photo enclosed here.

WWE’s first date of its next Mexico tour is July 4th and has been moved from Monterrey to Tijuana. July 5th is Mexicali and July 6th and 7th are both in Mexico City at Palacio de los Deportes. Rey Mysterio will be at all four events, though it is not known if he’ll be wrestling on the shows. That’s prior to his personal return timetable, but WWE wants him wrestling ASAP.

Batista’s worked hamstring injury is actually due to a new tattoo he got that he was covering up with tape.

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