WWE 2K19 News Coming Today, Nikki & Cena’s Date Night Turns Serious, Brie & Bryan Reminisce About Phoenix (Videos)

WWE has released the above and below videos from Sunday’s new episode of “Total Bellas”, featuring Brie and Bryan reminiscing about their time spent in Phoenix as they move to San Diego.

Click Here: custom die castingNikki & John’s Date Night Turns Serious

The second video features Nikki Bella and John Cena meeting for a date to discuss their future, and Nikki wonders if they might be finished for good this time.

WWE 2K19 News Coming Today

As a reminder, WWE will be making a big announcement related to WWE 2K19 today at 11am EST. It is expected that the video game cover star, as well as the pre-order bonus characters, will be revealed during the announcement, along with other details related to the game being released sometime this fall.

Over the weekend we posted a spoiler report revealing which WWE star will be appearing on the cover for WWE 2K19, and we also revealed the pre-order bonus character. You can read those spoilers at this link.

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