World League: Iran’s 2013 Roster

Julio Velasco, the head couch of Iran introduced a list of 22 Players for 2013 World League. The roster will be cut to 12 players before the tournament starts. Important change in this roster which was AlirezaNadi, the captain of Iranian national team was not in the list. Saeed Marouf became captain.

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Iran’s roster for the World League 2013:
Setters: Saeed Marouf (Shahrdari Urmia, Iran), Mehdi Mahvadi (PishgamanYazd,Iran), Mohammad Taher Vadi (Mizan Mashhad, Iran)

Liberos: Farhad Zarif (Paykan, Iran), Mojtaba Yousefi (Mizan Mashhad, Iran), Naser Rahimi Panah (BarjiOsans, Iran)

Opposite Hitters: Shahram Mahmoodi (Kaleh Amol, Iran), Amir Ghafour (Barij Osans, Iran), Reza Ghara (Kaleh Amol, Iran)

Outside Hitters:Hamze Zarini (Kaleh, Iran), Farhad Ghaemi (Kaleh, Iran), Pourya Fyazi (Saipa Alborz, Iran),Rahman Davodi (Paykan, Iran), Arash Keshavarzi (Paykan, Iran), Alireza Mobasheri (Pishgaman, Iran), Arash Kamalvand (Saipa, Iran)

Middle Blockers: Seyed Mohammad Musavi (Kaleh, Iran), Armin Tashakori (Saipa, Iran), Adel Gholami (Kaleh, Iran), Saman Faezi (Saipa, Iran),Alireza Jadidi (Barij Osanas, Iran), Masoud Gholami (Saipa, Iran)

Iran’s team will compete in Pool B of World League 2013, opening their campaign against Russia and also face Italy, Germany, Cuba and Serbia.

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