Wolff: ‘Change of scenery’ will overturn Vettel ‘negative spiral’

Toto Wolff believes a “change of scenery” with Aston Martin is exactly what Sebastian Vettel needs to overturn the “negative spiral” in which he found himself at Ferrari.

Vettel hopes Aston Martin F1 will equate to a greener pasture after a final 2020 campaign with the Scuderia that saw the four-time world champion reduced to the depressing role of “also ran”.

While Aston Martin isn’t expected to contend for race wins on a regular basis this season, team owner and Aston executive chairman Lawrence Stroll is banking on Vettel to take his outfit to the next level.

As a shareholder of the prestigious British automobile company, whose F1 team uses Mercedes engines, Wolff is attentive to Aston’s efforts in F1.

The Mercedes F1 boss also believes that Vettel receive a welcome boost from his new “environment” that will prove beneficial to both team and driver.

“Sebastian needed one thing above all, and that was a change of scenery,” Wolff told German broadcaster RTL.

“When you get more and more into a negative spiral you have to bring a change. That’s what he did. He is now in a completely different environment.

“I don’t think he didn’t deliver; it was the general conditions that got worse and worse or the teamwork that was disrupted. I expect a lot from Sebastian this year and I hope he gets off to a good start.

“The chapter of Aston Martin as a factory team is just starting and Sebastian Vettel is one of the strong pillars in this project.”

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Vettel has started to settle in with his new team, visiting its premises and personnel at Silverstone and undergoing his first seat fitting. The 53-time Grand Prix winner says he starts a ne chapter in his career with an “open” mind.

“Everyone is different, but nevertheless everyone probably likes to have an environment where they stand up for one another and work for one another,” said Vettel.

“So far, there are of course a lot of new faces for me at Aston Martin, but I am confident it will work.

“You always have to be open to new things. I will meet a lot of new people, new ways of working, new approaches – and I would not be well advised to believe that only my way is the right one.”

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