Wind of change in Bulgarian volleyball or not?

Sports (and volleyball in particular) are strong weapons against injustices in the world. We all would agree that it is wonderful when we are talking about the good parts of the game -about the FIVB World League or about big volleyball stars.


But truth is that almost everything in life has its two sides – one good and one bad.

This time I will tell you about something really awful that happened about 2 weeks ago.

About 3 months ago I have written this article about the Villains from Bulgaria – it explains all about the volleyball drama from the past year in Bulgaria and it just gives some facts. In shorten, there are some explanations why Matey Kaziyski and Radostin Stoytchev left the Bulgarian national team and why there are some Bulgarian fans who are fighting against the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation.

Maybe you think that these supporters are not fighting anymore, but you are wrong. Because when you truly believe in something, you have to keep on fighting for it, no matter how hard it seems to be.

In their first home games from this year’s FIVB World League Bulgaria beat twice Argentina.

The “Villains” decided to use the games in order to freely show to the society their thoughts about everything that is happening in Bulgarian volleyball and – to their oppinion- the total loss of a change.

We live in a free world, in 21. century, where everybody has the right to express opinions, beliefs, etc. But to the BFV this is not important, because some well-built bodyguards tried to confiscate the fans’ posters.

Asked about why are they doing this, the guards gave me this response: “ Orders by the organizators”.

Which, dear volleycountry readers’,is the Bulgarian volleyball federation with President- Dancho Lazarov. Law says it that posters could be confiscated if there are some rude words (rassits -for example).

But supporters’ posters didn’t have any rude words: “The wind of the change. Coming soon in BFV”; “Mafia in the state, mafia in the volleyball. Lazarov, go away“

Nothing rude, huh?

The good part in the story is that the supporers are determined to continue with their attempts to change the situation.

The Bulgarian national team unites people – with same ideas and same visions. It surely unites those fans, who could actually bring the wind of the change in BFV- something that Matey Kaziyski and Radostin Stoytche fought for.

In the video below you could see the “good behaviour” of the guards. We will try to provide English subtitles as soon as possible. 

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