Why Triple H's Return Is Being Delayed, News On "Tough Enough" Trainers, More

— Triple H is tapped to return to the squared circle within the next few weeks and considered a lock for WrestleMania XXVII.

His return is being delayed now because creative has no plans for him to win an Elimination Chamber Match and thus felt there was no point in bringing him back.

Regarding his behind the scenes role as Vince McMahon’s Senior Advisor, he has been diligently studying all aspects of World Wrestling Entertainment’s business operations. He’s received much praise for his dedication to learn.

— The Tough Enough revival on USA will feature four trainers; “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Booker T and two yet to be announced names. It said that the two yet to be announced trainers are not active WWE wrestlers.

— Former women’s wrestling champion Madusa turns 47 years old today while Shelly Martinez turns 31.

See *BUSTY* photos of Madusa ->

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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