Why All Eyes Will Be on Melania Trump’s Outfit at the State of the Union

Her Dior pantsuit was a bold choice, considering the close association to her husband’s own foe, Hillary Clinton, whose white Ralph Lauren pantsuit from the Democratic National Convention in 2016 was so iconic, many of her supporters wore the look to the polls that year.

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Some onlookers took the opportunity to project an agenda onto an otherwise seemingly agenda-less FLOTUS: They called it subversive, a means to undermine her husband and to silently stand for the cause of feminism and the suffragettes. Members of that camp also noted that Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is a fierce feminist. 

Then there were those that insinuated that Melania’s white look was a middle finger to the women in black. Like in 2017, they said, the First Lady’s fashion defiance spoke volumes. 

With congressional women planning to wear white tonight, we wonder, what will Melania wear? There is the possibility that the First Lady will opt for a bold color on Tuesday night, or perhaps a pattern for the evening’s address. She’s no stranger to either, for what it’s worth. But one thing is for sure, everyone will be looking for clues that might point to her motivations. 

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