What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Thanks to reader Miles Benton for sending in this live report from last night’s WWE RAW:

I attended Raw last night. The best part of the show, easily, was the opening segment. The building ate that up. The most bizarre thing was the crowd cheering for Randy Orton against Sheamus after booing him badly when videos of him were shown during commercials.

Here is what you didn’t see.

Dark Match: Chavo Guerrero lost to some big guy that I assume was from FCW. I never saw him before.

Superstars: Kelly Kelly beat Jillian Hall. Not bad.

Post Raw: John Cena beat Sheamus via DQ in a bit where Cena was played as the star and Sheamus as the fool. Cena even sucked up to the crowd and said that his FU was meant for Lane Kiffin, the University of Tennessee football coach who just left for USC.

** EDGE Returning WAY Ahead of Schedule & Undertaker Being Forced To Retire?

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