What Masters Is Saying About His Suspension, SmackDown Rating, Mania Tickets

source: PWInsider.com

— Chris Masters is already talking to people about his latest suspension from WWE. He is telling people that there are reasons for him failing a recent test that aren’t his fault. He is saying that it was something leftover in his system from the past. Because this is his second violation of WWE’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy, he will be serving a 60-day suspension. One more violation of the policy calls for automatic termination from the company.

— The fast national rating for last night’s edition of Smackdown is out and the show did a 2.8 rating. That number is a bit up from recent weeks. The final number will be out early next week.

— A number of tickets for WrestleMania 24 are still available. All of the better seats have been taken, but you can still get a decent seat. There are plenty of seats in the 90 dollar range still available.

Click here to see a video of HHH making fun of a slimmed down Chris Masters’ weight loss (>>)

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