What Happened Between John Cena, HHH, & Orton After RAW Went Off The Air

Thanks to Sean Weymouth & PWInsider.com for the following:

After Raw went off the air the “Medical Crew” continued to work over John Cena’s father who was motionless on the arena floor. They did a nice job selling the importance of this with John Cena standing over his father and the King and JR staying at ringside as onlookers to the Tragic sight.

John Cena walked out of the arena with his father on the stretcher, with the Medical Crew around him and JR and the King behind.

As they left Randy Orton made his way back to the ring and grabbed the mic from Lillian. He told the crowd they all knew he was supposed to get a world title match but since John Cena was clearly “too busy with other things” he demanded the referee to raise his hand and declare him the winner of the match and new WWE Champion by way of forfeit.

Just as Lillian was about to make the the announcement Triple H’s music hit and HHH made his full normal entrance to the remaining crowd. Orton and HHH have a 7 minute (give or take) match which sees Triple H win with a pedigree after foiling a RKO attempt by Orton.

As Orton left Triple H soaked up the crowd with him posing on all four corners of the ring before getting on his knees ala Summerslam and thanking the crowd.

Then in one of the coolest moments I had seen in a while Triple H walked around the ring and shook hands with all ringside fans even going up the sides of the ramps, and around the back sides of the crowds before saying goodnight.

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