WATCH: Jim Duggan Explains Recent Hospitalization; “I Just Wanted To Be Able To Survive”

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Duggan is home from the hospital and doing well after some much-needed rest. After a scary trip to the ICU last week, the All-American legend has provided an update on his condition in the form of a video sent into TMZ, which you can check out below.

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After a weekend on the road, preforming and signing autographs, Duggan said he experienced some tightness in his chest while moving boxes around for one of his daughters. After attempting to take his blood pressure at home and consulting with his wife, he visited the hospital and was immediately admitted.

“With a chest problem they take right care of you. The first EKG they did six or eight more people came into the room and started sticking me, and plugging me up to machines and stuff. Which was pretty terrifying to tell you the truth, because I’ve been relatively healthy my entire life — never had a heart problem. All the sudden having all these folks with masks on seriously working on you, was pretty terrifying. They told me that my heart had gone into [atrial fibrillation].”

Duggan apparently received numerous calls while in the hospital, including an outpouring of support from the likes of Bill Eadie (Ax of Demolition), Jerry “The King” Lawler, Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags and his long-time friend Hulk Hogan.

At 64-years-old Duggan says his priorities have changed. “Once you throw a health issue into everything, you realize just how unimportant everything else is. My main concern – I have two daughters and a wife – I just wanted to be able to survive.” 

He also encouraged others to put aside their pride and get checked out by the doctor if they think something is wrong, because “they can save your life like they may have done mine.” 

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