Val Venis Interview: His WWE Career, What He's Doing Now, TNA & More

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: “Val Venis” Sean Morley
Date: 8/20/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Special Contributors: Erik Clancy & Andres

“Hello Ladies!”

Those are the words that we all associate with this man who pushed the envelope and pushed it really, really hard… Insert you double entendre here. But, he was more than just a gimmick! He was a hell of a professional wrestler and a political mind. And now, perhaps for the first time ever, truly pick the brain of this sensational performer…. Hear it all from “Val Venis” Sean Morley!

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– Val comes onto the show and gives the fans an update on what he’s been up to since leaving the WWE. He says that right now he’s been healing his shoulder after surgery, but he’s doing well now, and just completed a tour to Japan. He says that his in ring style works very well over in Japan, and felt that was where he really fined tuned his skills early on in his career.

– When talking about he first got to WWF/E, he was working in Mexico City when he got a call from Vince McMahon. He told him about the character name, Val Venis (specifically pointing out the spelling of the last name) and told him about the adult film star past. But Val said that was all he was told about the gimmick and all the specifics was his to create. He says the mannerisms, catchphrases, & adult jokes were all him.

– When talking about the “Hello Ladies!” line & the importance of catchphrases, he says it is definitely missing in wrestling today. He’s not sure of what it is about today’s wrestling, but he says its definitely different from the Attitude Era.

– His push slowed down in late 99. He’s not entirely sure of what the reason was other than being told that the networks wanted his character toned down. This may have been why Val & Godfather were added to The Right to Censor. As time went on, his character’s push slowed until he was given the postion of helping the younger talents get ready for TV. He enjoyed working with the younger guys, but at the same time, he really wanted a big push deep down.

– He says that a major part of what made Val Venis work was the reactions he would get from the fans. Originally, he was designed to be a heel that the men would hate & the women would like. But after a while, the men got behind Val, which led to him being a babyface.

– Alot of his jokes & double entendres were double checked before they went out there, but for the most part they left him alone because The Attitude Era was all about pushing the envelope.

– This leads into a discussion on the current PG direction of the WWE, he says that as long as the WWE isn’t being forced to do it by the government, then WWE can do whatever they feel is best for business. However, he enjoyed the more edgy Attitude Era, but also agrees that a PG direction doesn’t mean dumbing down the storylines to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

– When asked about TNA, Val says that he says they are trying very hard to be entertaining. He hopes that they can succeed and challenge Vince because he feels Vince thrives under pressure and wrestling will be better for it. He hasn’t thought about going there himself & hasn’t been offered. He feels loyal to the WWE, but wouldn’t be against going to TNA if the right offer came along.

– Val cites 9/11 as a reason for a changing society & ultimately changing wrestling into a more PG product. He also says a major reason for it is because of the lack of competition for Vince.

– Triple H’s name comes up and Val puts him over as a good guy and as having a strong passion for the business.

– The interview then goes into a discussion about Val’s political beliefs. He is a Libertarian, and is a big advocate of lessening the power of the government & feels that politics can get in the way of liberty & freedom. The discussion is very informative and Val presents his opinions extremely well as he demonstrates great knowledge on the subject. He expresses his disappointment that Libertarians are looked upon as conspiracy theorists & paranoid as he feels he is looking out for the best interests of the country.

– Taking a step back to the Val Venis character, James admits that he thought it was funny how people bought the gimmick & used to tell him that they saw Val in adult movies.

Word Associations:

Terri Runnels: “Sweet & Sexy”

Mr. Yamaguchi: “Evil!” He then goes into a discussion about Mrs. Yamaguchi and the rumored age issue with her.

Edge: “Good guy…heavy into music” and Val then talks about his sister being married to Edge at one time.

– And the final question is about the Chris Benoit tragedy and the way the media treated wrestling during that time. Val admitted that if there was any time that he saw how abusive the news media could be, it was at that point in time because they did everything in their power to profit from the tragedy and spin things to help their points, even if they didn’t have all the facts straignt. Val also believes that alcohol played a major role in Benoit’s actions during that fateful weekend.

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