Updated Backstage News on Corbin Losing His MiTB Contract Match

As previously reported, Baron Corbin cashed in his MiTB Contract last Tuesday night on Smackdown Live and lost it within seconds. It was previously reported that the reason behind this is Baron Corbin may have some heat backstage or a couple of WWE Superstars namely John Cena and Mojo Rawley may have something to do with this decision.
New reports indicate that Corbin was active on social media last week arguing with multiple people including Dave Meltzer and a former army soldier. Reports indicated that Corbin insulted this army soldier and even called him a loser at some point. Reports also indicated that Corbin may have ended up blocking some of these people and WWE people as well. It is unknown if this is ultimately the reason that contributed to Corbin losing his MiTB Contract, but Alvarez and others are speculating that is the case.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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