Update On WWE Rebuilding The Divsa Division, Vickie & AJ Lee Taunt Each Other

– Today’s wrestling birthdays include former Tough Enough star Jeremiah Riggs (30), Japanese wrestling star Ultimo Dragon, ECW Original Sabu (48) and longtime WWE announcer Gary Michael Cappetta (60).

– Following her controversial win over AJ Lee on Monday’s RAW, Vickie Guerrero bragged on Twitter about their match being “Another brilliant win for the #CougarInCharge.” AJ has since responded to Vickie, writing:

“I wouldn’t celebrate just yet. We’re just getting started, Grandma.”

– There has been a lot of talk in WWE in recent months regarding what to do with the fledgling Divas division. After the mass exodus of female talent over the past several years, the company is aware that the division is in bad shape and is taking steps to right the ship. WWE recently conducted various polls among fans asking about what they think of the Divas division and how they want to see the Divas portrayed (serious wrestlers, love interests for WWE superstars, managers, positions of authority, TV hosts, etc.).

No word on whether WWE’s initiative to bring back former mid-card talent includes Divas, or if WWE will focus on bringing up new talent from NXT (such as Paige) and re-cast several of the current ladies on the active roster.

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(Partial Source: PWInsider.com)

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