UFC Icon Conor McGregor Offers Becky Lynch “Proper Back Up”, WrestleMania Appearance Teased

Becky Lynch may claim to be “The Man” in the professional wrestling world, but it would seem that our beloved Smackdown Women’s Champion has made a new friend in one of the most recognizable icons in combat sports today — the notorious Conor McGregor.

An interaction between the two began when the Irish Lasskicker responded to an article from Forbes, of all places, stating that she was “channeling her inner Conor McGregor”.

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Lynch responded, “The Man channels no one. [Conor] and me are bonded as Irish brother and sister.” She didn’t end things there however, claiming she would still “break that bond, and his arm, in three short seconds” if they ever came in contact with one another.

McGregor apparently saw the tweet and reached out his hand in solidarity, offering Becky “proper back up” should she one day require it. Lynch then casually slipped in a reference to WrestleMania 35 taking place in New York (it’s technically New Jersey), where she is rumored to be facing Ronda Rousey — another combat sports icon that knows a thing or two about the UFC.

The Man channels no one. @TheNotoriousMMA & me are bonded as Irish brother & sister. But if I ever got within 2 miles of him I’d break that bond, and his arm, in three short seconds. 😂 I’d be too tempting; he’d completely understand too. Proper12 after.

— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) November 22, 2018

Cheers, Conor. I’m carrying two divisions at the moment, but you know exactly how that is. I hear New York is nice in the spring, though. 🇮🇪 https://t.co/51VSVCCG28

— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) November 22, 2018

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