Triple H Movie Rumors Put To Rest, McMahon Down On The Divas, Katie Lea Burchill

— Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has been cast in the title role of director Kenneth Branagh’s highly anticipated Marvel Comics adaptation, Thor, which should finally put any rumors regarding Triple H in the role to rest. It doesn’t appear that Triple H was ever seriously considered for the role as they wanted someone young and not around 40. (Chris Hemsworth Wins the Role of ‘Thor’)

— It’s interesting to note that there has only been two Diva-related matches on pay-per-view within the last six pay-per-views. Even more alarming, only one title defense has taken place within the last eight pay-per-views. There is a reason for this as Vince McMahon is said to be down on the women’s division at the moment, reports The Sun. There have been a number of sloppy matches on television of late, which likely played a factor on his outlook.

— Katie Lea Burchill has posted an in-character blog discussing Tiffany, Paul Burchill, Christian, Jack Swagger and more. In the blog, she tries to further the storyline between the ECW General Manager and her brother Paul.

She wrote: “Well Tiff Tiff you finally did it this time. You really did a number on yourself. Bravo. Have I told you lately that you are an airhead..? No offence but you just made an enemy of someone who would be extremely dangerous to you even as your best friend: My brother Paul. You have been fooled because so far he has kept his cool. Played the nice guy. Been a team playa (pun intended… Teddy!). But things are about to break down and get very, very ugly. Tiffany, when you so arrogantly dismissed Paul on ECW last week… you un-wittingly (that means you have no wit! Haha!) created a big problem for yourself. You don’t know it yet but you just unleashed… the Ripper. And as you will see, your stupidity will have its price…”

Click here to read the blog in its entirety.

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