Triple H Gives Update On Bobby Fish During War Games Post Show

Though he was still sporting a sling from his recent pectoral surgery, Triple H appeared on an NXT Takeover: War Games II Post Show with Cathy Kelly on a number of topics, including the status of Bobby Fish.
Triple H said Fish is fine, even though it looked for a time that he might have hurt himself again. Apparently, Fish had a moment where the physical toll of the match caused him concern about his surgically-repaired knee. Triple H said Fish was able to get a feel for it and he found out he was okay.
One of the other notable mentions from Triple H is that NXT UK will have lots of involvement with WrestleMania 35 weekend. He said the new brand will start to grow more at the start of 2019, and there will be a major announcement forthcoming at the upcoming TV tapings in Liverpool. He said, though he isn’t happy with everything, that viewers can expect to see constant changes. He added that NXT UK feels like NXT, but isn’t similar stylistically by design.

To hear all of Triple H’s insights, view the NXT Takeover Post Show video below:

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