Toronto to hold Chinese music gala

A large-scale concert named 2019 Chinese Music Gala is scheduled to be held in Markham Auditorium in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday night, according to the organizers.

A number of well-known musicians and singers from Macao, Hong Kong and other parts of China will present different types of traditional Chinese musical instrument and classical Chinese songs.

The concert is designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th Anniversary of Macao’s return the motherland. It is also meant to promote and disseminate the art and culture of the Chinese nation, said Chen Guobo, organizer of the concert.

"Tonight’s traditional Chinese music gala will show our overseas Chinese’s love for the motherland and enrich the cultural life of local people in Toronto," Chen said in an interview with Xinhua on Saturday morning.

The concert’s highlights include new music productions, mostly music style works from different Chinese regions, and Macao’s folk songs, most of which are premiered in Canada.

The concert is organized by the Canadian Association of Transnational Cultures and Arts, the Toronto Association of Friends of Macao Arts and Culture, with the support of Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto and the Macao Special Administrative Region Foundation.

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