Tomorrow's ECW Lineup, Michelle McCool Lashes Out Again, Manu and Sim Snuka

— It was announced during a commercial on tonight’s Raw that Matt Hardy would be wrestling Mark Henry on tomorrow night’s episode of ECW on Sci Fi. Jack Swagger will also be wrestling Finlay. An all too rare Divas match will be taking place as well as Alicia Fox will be making her official in-ring debut against Katie Lea, reports The Boogeyman will also be in action against a local wrestler.

— Michelle McCool has posted a very interesting blog on the WWE Universe site lashing out at critics once again. The former WWE Divas Champion talks about fans complaining about her move set and finishing maneuvers. Some critics say she’s stolen them. McCool responds with the following: “Just think about the following moves, who “created” them and who has used them and who might use them now. Then, take a sec and determine who you choose to get mad at for using them and who you choose to love for using them? (Oh the decisions you have to make…. – insert sarcasm here)” McCool then mentions a few moves that have been “stolen” by current WWE Divas “that you guys conveniently seem to forget.” McCool then lists the trademark moves of a few past wrestlers including Mae Young, Gory Guerrero, the Brisco Brothers, Molly Holly, and Lou Thesz, whose moves are used in WWE to this day. Following her list, McCool sounds off again: “The list goes on and on and on….So, for those of you who are apparently so knowledgable about my move set and want to whine and complain about who may have used them in the past, why don’t you do just a little bit of research. You might find that there are many divas, and other superstars for that matter, who are using/utilizing moves that you may have seen before. Before you know it, I’m sure you’ll be complaining about using a headlock. But hey, whatever makes you happy……” You can read her blog in its entirety at the following link.

— In case you missed it, during tonight’s Raw both Manu and Sim Snuka were officially kicked out of Randy Orton’s “Legacy” factiom. In a backstage segment, Orton was approached by Manu, who requested another chance to prove himself after losing to Matt Hardy last week on Raw. Manu was denied by the third-generation Superstar Orton. In Sim Snuka’s case, though technically he won his tag match due to tag partner Cody Rhodes’ pinfall victory over JTG, it was not a good enough for Orton as he wanted to see who wanted the spot more. Rhodes was the one who got the victory, and Snuka did not. Orton promptly removed Snuka from the group, declaring him “the weak link.”

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