Timo Werner: Chelsea ‘better fit’ than Liverpool

Timo Werner has been talking about the near-miss of his Liverpool transfer ahead of his new club Chelsea hosting the Reds on Sunday.

The German held talks with Jurgen Klopp and looked very likely to join the Reds, who seemed reluctant to commit substantial wages in the middle of a pandemic.

They have since agreed to sign Diogo Jota for a similar fee, but the initial payments and wages are considerably lower.

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In an exclusive interview with The Athletic, Werner was asked how close he came to joining Liverpool.

“In another world, it could have happened,” he said. “If LFC call, you have to listen and think about it. They are one of the best teams on the world, with a super coach — a German coach to boot. Of course you think about that.

“But in the end, my decision went Chelsea’s way. Not because there was anything wrong with Liverpool. But at Chelsea, the whole package was a better fit for me.”

Werner was keen to emphasise that the ‘package’ was not just about money, saying: “He called me and we talked about his idea of football and his idea of how the way the team would look like. It all sounded good to me, especially the way he talked to me.

“It wasn’t like, ‘I’m the coach and I want you. Please come!’ He was very relaxed, asking me how I saw things, how I felt about playing here or there. And I was able to voice my opinion as well. He listened. In many aspects, we were in close agreement.

“He wants to play a pressing game, taking the game to the opposition, with quick transitions but to be good in possession as well. He said, ‘Timo, you will be free to make the right moves on the pitch, I trust you.’ It was a very good conversation.”

Werner insists he has no point to point to Liverpool or Klopp, saying: “It would be wrong to approach the game that way. Showing the other team how good I am and what they’re missing can’t be the main motivation to perform. So it’s not about that for me.”

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