This is What Amal Clooney Looked Like in High School

It’s so easy to look at Amal Clooney and be in awe of her work as a powerhouse global human rights lawyer. But before she inspired us with her courtroom (and style) successes, she was a regular high school student.

Clooney attended the exclusive all-girls school Dr. Challoner’s High School in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, as The Mirror reports as a new photo from her school days has emerged. While we all know and love Clooney for her work today, back in 1996, she was just a 17-year-old student about to graduate and head to college for the first time. 

In the school photo, Clooney stood in a sea of classmates wearing a bright red shirt, with her hair naturally falling around her face.

IMP Features/Chris White

Once Clooney completed her undergraduate degree at Oxford University, she moved on to law school at NYU, and then became a successful practicing lawyer before marrying George Clooney and welcoming twins Ella and Alexander.

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Since giving birth in June 2017, the attorney is back at work fighting against human rights allegations.

Can you imagine going to your high school reunion and running into the Clooneys? We can’t either. 

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