The show titled “Road to Scudetto” still on!

We can say that the battle between two best teams in Italy has just started. Two matches behind, still a tie. All we know is that it will be a long long fight.

A fierce battle between two best teams in Italian championship will take long. Two matches, two similar scenario: the guests start to play hard, quickly get some advantage, thanks to great serve (3-0 in Trento, 3-1 in Piacenza) and better efficiency on attack (52% – 41% in Trento, 59% – 46% in Piacenza), and maintain it until the whistle ending the set. The first part of the game for the guests.

The hosts, surprised by the proceedings of the match, decide to show their best game. The second and the third set fully dominated by the hosts. After the first few balls, the locals achieve an advantage and don’t lose it not even for a moment. The climax of the set is to get as high advantage as possible to completely outclass the opponent. The actors of our performance were able to made it: in Trento, the hosts got 7, 11 and even 14 points of advantage in the second set (finished 25-11), in Piacenza, however, the highest advantage of the guests was 9 points in the third set (finished 25-16). As the commentators of the Italian TV said: “This is the set to forget”.

And now it’s time for the last act of our play. And here we observe some distinctions. We all would like the fourth set to be an incredible battle, to watch the guests rise like a phoenix from the ashes, trying to save some chances to win the game! And we did see it. Only in Piacenza, but still. In the second match, Trento started the fourth set with the new energy, getting an advantage (8-1) at the beginning. However, on court appeared Luca Vettori and, supported by Simon and Samuele Papi, led his team to the tie. Each team wanted to win very much, each squad had several set-balls, eventually it was Matey Kaziyski who solved the “problem” – the ball was out after his attack and the hosts could celebrate the victory! Everybody’s immediately on court: players, coaches, spectators, everybody’s jumping and singing! Oh, wait… the captain of Trento shows “C” formed of his fingers – he calls a Video Check! Everybody step out of the court and wait… the ball was OUT! The celebration can be continued. Until the next match in Trento. 1 May 2013, h. 17.30. You can’t miss it!

1st match: Itas Diatec Trentino – Copra Elior Piacenza 3-1 (20-25, 25-11, 25-19, 25-20)
MVP: Jan Stokr

Trento: Kaziyski (16), Birarelli (6), Juantorena (9), Raphael (1), Djuric (12), Stokr (17), Bari (L) and Sintini, Uchikov (1), Lanza, Chrtiansky (1) i Burgsthaler.
Click Here: NRL Telstra PremiershipPiacenza: Papi (3), Fei (16), Simon (12), Zlatanov (9), Holt (10), De Cecco (4), Marra (L) oraz Corvetta, Tencati, Maruotti, Vettori (4) i Latelli (libero).

Stats: block 14-10, attack 52% – 42%, reception 45%(36%) – 37%(27%), serve 8-7.

2nd match: Copra Elior Piacenza – Itas Diatec Trentino 3-1 (17-25, 25-22, 25-16, 32-30)
MVP: Hristo Zlatanov

Piacenza: Papi (8), Fei (10), Simon (13), Zlatanov (19), Holt (12), De Cecco (4), Marra (L) and Corvetta, Tencati, Maruotti, Vettori (7).
Trento: Kaziyski (12), Birarelli (13), Juantorena (14), Raphael (1), Djuric (5), Stokr (17), Bari (L) and Sintini, Uchikov (1), Lanza, Chrtiansky, Burgsthaler, Colaci (L).

Stats: block 7-7, attack 49% – 51%, reception 59%(50%) – 53%(41%), serve 11-6.

General score: 1-1

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