The Latest Trend in Unicorn-Inspired Beverages Has Us Questioning Everything

We thought caffeine-based viral insanity was at an all time high over the summer when the unicorn frappuccino erupted across our feeds, followed by the mermaid frap, the dragon, and so on …

Newsflash: WE WERE WRONG. The latest trend to hit coffee shops worldwide is beautiful, yes, but kind of worrisome FDA-wise. Introducing … the glitter cappuccino!

Obviously, the Lisa Frank-loving child within us wants to love this concept, but, uh, how do we feel about eating glitter? I, personally, would not partake, no matter how “safe” or “edible” the product claims to be.

If you’ve ever used glitter, in any capacity, you know that that stuff doesn’t go away—not ever. You’ll be cleaning glitter out of your clavicle six months after dressing as a unicorn for Halloween. That being said, what happens when you ingest it? Is it like that terrifying gum-swallowing rule—will our insides be coated in glitter for the next seven years?

Twitter, too, has some thoughts:

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Proceed with caution, coffee lovers.

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