The Foley Teases He'll Be On Team Teddy, The Miz Responds

Mick Foley and The Miz have been going back and forth via Twitter after Foley teased that he may join Teddy Long’s team at WrestleMania. Foley tweeted over the weekend:

“Guess it’s about time I listen to some of these voicemails from Teddy Long. Wonder what he wants. Catch you all tomorrow.”

Miz, who still does not have a match at WrestleMania and has been petitioning for a spot on Team Laurinaitis, replied to foley:

“Hey @realMickFoley quit trying to make yourself relevant again. Unlike u I don’t settle I make things happen.”

Foley responded with:

“Yes, @MikeTheMiz you ARE awesome…as a character in my new children’s book, in which The Miz learns a valuable holiday lesson from @CMPunk”

There has been talk of The Miz may replacing Alberto Del Rio in John Laurinaitis’ team, which may put Mick Foley and Miz on opposite sides of the match.

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