The Empowered Athlete Podcast by Paul Duerden and Karin Schneider

The Empowered Athlete Podcast is a community for high performance athletes to feel understood, be entertained and hear the stories of the struggles and triumphs of other top performers.

Paul Duerden and Kari Schneider get the answers in the interviews, from injuries to body image, the topics are rich!  Paul, a former top national team and pro volleyball player and Kari an elite strength coach for over 20 years, share their own experiences and connect with current elite athletes about theirs.  This podcast covers all sports- individual and team, male and female athletes and active and retired.

This isn’t just for athletes, it is entertaining and helpful for those who care about living their best lives.  We all see pitfalls and can learn from those who have triumphed over tough times! Subscribe and download to dive into how people become the best in the world!

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify and hosting platform Podbean.

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