Tale of Volleyball Missile growth in four years (PART 2)

Champion of Asian Games was an aim for Iran volleyball in 2014; After2010 Asian Games Volleyball of Iran started its Missile growth and achieved it. Last Monday you’ve read the beginning of the Iranian fairytale, but let’s see what happened next.


This report is written by young journalist Mojtaba Zakizadeh, I have translated it. I have done some changes, additions and omissions on it.  

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Rahim Rahimzadeh

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Epic creation and achieving agnomen of phenomenon in FIVB World League 2013

Velasco’s students defeated national team of Cuba twice in Havana. In continuation, Iran became host of German national team in presence of huge crowed at Azadi sports hall; Iran crushed the German team in straight sets 3-0. But in the return match as a guest team of Germany Iran was crushed. In next step of the qualification matches for the FIVB World League 2013 in four games Iran team became winner and succeeded to achieve license for presence in the FIVB World League. This achievement means a lot as  it was the first ever time in history of the FIVB World League.

 The peak point of Iran team with its brilliant stars under management of Julio Velasco flourished in the FIVB World League 2013. In the first stage Iran lost the match to the Russian team, while by making a second step Iran defeated the reigning European Champions of Serbia with 3-2 sets in a match remarkable as one of as the longest “marathons” in the World League. The players of Velasco celebrated their  first victory in this tournament. But the saga of Iran began in Modena; the Iranian national team did a fantastic job by smashing 3-1 the second honored world team of Italy and one of the giants of the world. The win was one of the biggest surprises in the FIVB World League in the presence of many Iranian enthusiast spectators. The match was reported as a narration in any prestigious media. However, in the second match, 3-2 Iran was defeated by Italy. Then Iran volleyball team went to Cuba and  another masterpiece was exhibited from Iran .Iran ended its matches in FIVB World League with luminosity , fulguration of his coaches and players by beating giants such as Italy, Cuba and with set aside title of phenomenon for itself.

 Asian Championship for the Second time

Like a next step  the Iranian team participated at the qualification completion of the World Championship 2014. In the presence of Pakistan, Indonesia and Bahrain, Iran by 3 wins ascended to the world cup. Players of Velasco in that day were carryingthe title of phenomenon. The next step was ahead of Iran –  the17thAsian Senior Men’s volleyball championship of UAE in Dubai. In this Championship Iran by demolishing Lebanon ascended to the semifinal, lastly had a win of 3-0 over the Korea in final, Iran team by glittering of his players with authority for the second time and only with loss of one set became champion of the Asia. For a very first time in its history Iran was titled best team of Asia in the world ranking. In this Championship four players of Iran bagged 5 best titles as below: Amir Ghafour, the best spiker- Mohammad Mousavi, the best blocker-Farhad Zarif, the best libero and Saeed Maarouf   setter and Capitan player, the best setter and most valuable player of Asian in 2013.

 Changing situation from phenomenon to new-fangled power

This was not the end of Iran fulguration. Velasco ‘s students were proving to all that these sparkling happened not by chance, but  behind those there is a planned program of course along with training, perseverance and high ambition. Iran team with this Championship got the attendance ticket through the continent championship. In first match Iran was defeated by Brazil 3-1. In the second match versus Italy Iran was winner3-2 , while  in third one Iran was defeated 0-3  by Russia. The next opponent of Iran was the team of USA. Iran players with their luster in this match despite of  existing problems between two countries  became  winner with 3-2 and achieved a historic win .In the last match versus Japan in straight set 3-0 Iran got the result and at the end of this Championship Iran took the 4th rank. Farhad Zarif got the of best libero title, later this Championship Zarif said farewell to the national team. (President of Iran volleyball asked him to join the team and he accepted). When this competition ended coaches and credible mass media of Russia, Brazil, Poland and Italy called Iran as the new-fangled power of volleyball and Iran volleyball became the first and most popular sport in the  mass media.

What happens next in Iran? After all the successful results Velasco had to leave the team. But why and how, READ the next Monday.


Photo: Mohammad Hassanzadeh , FARS NEWS AGENCY 

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