Superstar Billy Graham Responds To Ken Kennedy Calling Him A Hypocrite

– Mike Johnson of posted a link to an interview today done with Superstar Billy Graham and Eric Gargiulo. In the interview, Graham speaks out about Ken Kennedy calling Graham a hypocrite only to get suspended by WWE for violating their Wellness Policy. Below is what Superstar Billy Graham had to say:

    “That blindsided me Eric because I have always taken the heat for my own steroid use and never blamed anyone except myself. Except for a period of time when I did file a fictitious lawsuit against Vince McMahon over the steroid issue. I was very saddened by Kennedy’s remarks because I had actually told him in person when I was having my book tour, one of the towns, he was coming off of an injury that he was so talented that he should never consider using steroids to enhance his physique because of his natural talking ability. I told him that I thought he could be another Roddy Piper-type character, and my wife was sitting there with me when we had this hour long discussion. It seemed like he did have a lot of respect for me and I felt sad. I counseled with Jim Ross over that Kennedy reaction and Jim Ross told me that he felt that Kennedy being the great guy that he is, “just needed more time under the learning tree,” a young guy, had not really matured.

    I sent an email directly to Kennedy through John Laurinaitis’ secretary and my first interview that I did, it was on CBS’ Katie Couric, national news on CBS and before I went on the air Linda McMahon called me here in Phoenix from Stamford to thank me about going on the air and distancing the Benoit tragedy from steroids. I did that in my first interview and I got a personal phone-call from Linda McMahon and I reminded Ken Kennedy of that, and every interview that I did I distanced Benoit’s tragedy from the use of steroids.

    I was very disappointed in Kennedy because he was such a nice guy to me and he probably still is a nice guy, but then to make that stand and then to be exposed. Honestly Eric and I am going on record right now, I am disappointed that Ken Kennedy has not sent me an apology email. I have been waiting for that apology and you know what, it has never come. I am going on record and I am extremely disappointed in Ken Kennedy and his character. His character should have automatically said, “Alright let me re-evaluate this situation and let me go back and do some research on all of the interviews that Billy Graham did.”

    I was out there you know that, I was on a lot of television stations. I am very disappointed and honestly I am going to tell you right now, his failure to reach out to me and make amends was the final blow as far as me recognizing wrestlers as really good, honest, human beings that most of them are. It just crushed me that the guy didn’t have the decency to send me an apology and has let me down in the quality of character in professional wrestlers. “

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