Sunny Says Her Friends Are Jealous Of Her, Comments On Her Drawing Power

Sunny was announced Monday night on Raw as the latest inductee for WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Sunny, who’s real name is Tammy Sytch, has since made several remarks on her Facebook account concerning the matter.

She stated Tuesday night that people whom she considered her friends in the wrestling industry who have yet to congratulate her on her honor are jealous.

“It’s so funny…people whom I thought were my friends in this business I havent heard a peep from regarding my induction…and those whom I never knew were good friends have messaged me and/or texted me. HMMMMM can you say ‘jealous much?” Isn’t it ironic…..”

She then asked that people not compare her to the current crop of WWE Divas because she isn’t a wrestler.

“To not take away from any current girls: do ya’ll know I’m not a wrestler?????? Ummmm hello??? Please do not compare me to what these gladiators are doing…accept me for what I am…Gratzi.”

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the announcement of Sunny’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on Monday’s Raw gained 219,000 viewers, outdrawing everything else on the program sans the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Viewership immediately plummeted following the tribute video as the Divas Championship Match between Eve Torres and Nikki Bella that followed it lost 610,000 viewers. Reacting to the news, Sytch exclaimed she still has drawing power fourteen years later.

“HOLY CRAP! 14 years later and I STILL have drawing power!! Post this everywhere!!”

She then criticized wrestling websites bashing her for her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame while simultaneously contacting her agent for interviews.

“I find it HYSTERICAL that internet wrestling websites who are currently bashing me for my induction, are also the ones who are contacting my agent/webmaster for INTERVIEWS!!!! You guys are so pathetic!! You actually think I need your press?? Monday night’s press was good enough! A**holes……”

She also urged her Facebook followers to send hate mail to a writer who posted a negative article on her on The writer feels her WWE run was too brief to warrant induction into the Hall of Fame.

“These assholes need hate mail…and NOW!!”

She then added, “it’s not about length people…it’s about IMPACT!!”

Later, a person mentioned Sable on her page and she said the “S word” is not allowed on her page. She added that anyone who mentions her name again will be removed as her Facebook friend.

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