*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! Taping Results For Thursday

Thanks to Alex Hernandez for sending in this live report from last night’s TNA iMPACT! tapings in Orlando, set to air this Thursday night on Spike:

*The Main Event Mafia come to the ring and Angle starts cutting a promo saying he told everyone how it would go down. AJ comes out to interrupt and Angle tells him to come to the ring and say it to Sting’s face. AJ says for the rest of the Mafia to step out of the ring and they do. AJ and Sting argue and fight but the Mafia come back into the ring and attack AJ. The Frontline come out to make the save and Angle tells them that tonight he promises to eliminate one of the members of the Frontline.

*X Title Tournament- Eric Young defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir, so we are guaranteed a new X-Division champ.

*X Title Tournament- Alex Shelley defeated Jay Lethal with some help from Sabin. Afterwards they cut a promo in the ring telling Foley to come out since he managed to do what the Knockouts can’t, screw them. Suicide came out again and cleared them out the ring.

*Cowboy James Storm defeated Abyss in a Beer Bottle on a Pole Match. Roode and Morgan both came out during the match. Afterwards Storm broke a bottle in the back of Morgan’s head.

*Brother Ray came out for a promo and asked Kurt Angle to come out. He cuts a promo about the Main Event Mafia and Frontline feud and challenges Angle tonight, one on one, with no interference on either side and if he wins, the Mafia disappears, but if he loses, the Frontline disbands. Angle shakes his hand and its on for later.

*Backstage Ray is telling the Frontline he needs them all to leave so he can take care of Angle tonight and he believes Angle will do the same. Joe doesn’t trust the Mafia to leave and gets mad but reluctantly agrees. Devon is the last to leave after Ray told him he had to do this himself.

*Kurt Angle tells the Mafia to leave as well and that he would take care of Ray quickly and meet up with them.

*They set up the briefcases like Deal or No Deal in the ring and Hernandez was the first to open his and won the World Title Shot. JB asks Curry Man and Homicide if they want they can swap briefcases, but they don’t. Curry Man is picked to open his and when he does, he is fired but he really didn’t understand what it meant and said he was going to sign a contract now with TNA as security takes him to the back. Homicide and Hernandez celebrate.

*Christy Hemme defeated Soujouner Bolt. After the match Hemme, offered Bolt a handshake but Bolt slapped her and they brawled until they were separated.

*Kurt Angle and Brother Ray went to a double count out. The match was pretty good. Ray bladed and took a bump through the wall (a la Kong and Abyss). They brawled outside the ring and didn’t get back in time so they were counted out. They fought backstage as cameras followed them and there was no audio but Ray had Angle cornered and the Mafia came from behind and put a beat down on Ray. They hit him with chairs, trash cans, etc. It ends with The Mafia throwing Ray in a dumpster as EMT’s come to tend Ray. Sting watched the beatdown but walked away before they put Ray in the dumpster.

*VIDEO* of REID FLAIR’s Debut Match – Ric Flair Saves The Day & Hulk Hogan Counts the Pin!

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