Spending Millions to Get Their Billions: GOP Mega-Donors Plot to Pass #TrumpTaxScam

Just days after 51 Senate Republicans approved a budget resolution that paves the way for over a trillion dollars in cuts to life-saving safety net programs and a massive windfall for the wealthy, White House staffers teamed up with the President Donald Trump’s rich donors to launch a multi-million dollar sales campaign aimed at winning over the American people, who polls have found are overwhelmingly opposed to slashing taxes for millionaires, billionaires, and large corporations.

“The GOP’s plan to sell its tax bill is obvious: lie.”
—Ben Wikler, MoveOn.orgLate Monday, top White House officials quietly met with leaders of the “non-profit” America First Policies, which is affiliated with the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action. As Politico‘s Alex Isenstadt reports, both organizations have raised around $25 million in 2017, and the groups are looking to “play a more visible role” in the struggle to convince Americans that enormous tax breaks for corporations and the top one percent will primarily benefit the working class.

Non-partisan analyses have shown that the Trump-GOP plan, contrary to White House talking points, would disproportionately favor the rich.

Isenstadt summarized the White House donor meeting:

Trump is also set to meet with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill Tuesday, where he hopes to “forge unity” behind a plan that critics have denounced as a “tax scam.”

The White House’s gathering with well-heeled donors and congressional Republicans to “plot” its tax plan sales campaign came as resistance groups are also preparing for a long fight against the Trump administration’s efforts.

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As Common Dreams reported last week, MoveOn.org and a coalition of progressive tax organizations are teaming up to mobilize and counter White House and GOP “turbo spin mode.”

Ben Wikler, Washington director of MoveOn.org, reiterated in a Twitter thread late Monday the importance of calling attention to the potentially devastating consequences of the Republican tax push and remaining focused amid the “constant barrage” of Trump-related chaos.

“The GOP’s plan to sell its tax bill is obvious: lie. The longer the debate rages, the more their lies crumble. So they want speed. We delay,” Wikler wrote. “The GOP knows their donors will drop them like a hot rock if they don’t deliver tax cuts for their billionaires. Works for me. Let’s do that… and in the process, we just might rescue healthcare, pell grants, disaster preparedness, and every other damn thing the federal government does.”

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