Snubbing UN and Fight Against Racism, Trump Admin Blocks Seat on Key Committee From Being Filled

President Donald Trump was accused of depriving “the U.S. of a much needed voice at the U.N. on the struggle against racism” after his administration moved to block the reappointment of a human rights lawyer to sit on a key committee, leaving the position vacant.

Politico reported

Calling the development “disappointing,” Joshua Castellino, executive director of Minority Rights Group, said, “It is symptomatic of a government seemingly high on ideology but bereft of ideas on how to tackle the real issues at stake, while generating alternate crises and noise to boost support for itself.”

The lawyer in question is Gay McDougall, whom the Center for Constitutional Rights praised for her experience. In a Twitter thread on Monday, the New York-based group criticized the administration’s move:

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Also criticizing the development was Jasmine L. Tyler, advocacy director for Human Rights Watch’s U.S. Program, who called it “yet another example of the U.S.’s backpedaling from multilateralism/international organizations,” noting “a series of U.S. withdrawals from international treaties and supporting organizations.”

She also noted that the

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