Sheamus On Frustration Leading To His Celtic Warrior Workouts, The Hectic WWE Touring Schedule & Watching The World Cup

During the WWE UK tour, Sheamus spoke with The Anfield Wrap about how his Celtic Warrior Workouts began and the tough touring schedule of WWE.

The Celtic Warrior spoke about the touring schedule of WWE and how many fans don’t understand it when he tells them.

“It’s pretty hectic, anytime I tell anyone what the schedule is, they just think I am mad and can’t process the amount of travel we do on a weekly basis, it blows peoples minds but when you are doing it nine years going on 10, it just becomes a way of life. We are probably on tour 290 days.  It is a challenge but to me, it’s all about creating habits and when you create a habit it becomes a way of life. We wrestle Christmas Day all the way to WrestleMania then a couple of days off and we go to Saudi Arabia, the company is getting bigger on a global scale.”

As a major soccer fan, Sheamus spoke to the podcast about how he can watch the World Cup now due to technology advancing.

“With the World Cup coming up, I remember in 2010 having a Blackberry and you could barely see it, but I thought it was amazing. Now I have the NBC app and it’s great as I can watch everything. There’s a wealth of football, the support is growing, NBC is a free channel, people won’t pay to watch it over there but it’s great.”

As a major Liverpool fan, Sheamus talked about how he was pleased to visit Liverpool during the recent UK tour.

“It’s the highlight of the tour. I was supposed to be on the Raw tour but I got moved with the draft, which is when they chop up the roster, I was supposed to do Dublin, Belfast, which was going to be great as I could have gone home, but when they took me off that and I saw Liverpool it didn’t bother me one bit. Any chance to come to Liverpool is amazing so it’s a win, win.”

One half of The Bar also spoke about how he had very little exposure prior to signing for WWE, unlike the current talents in NXT.

“I went over to the States in 2002 and I went to this place and it didn’t work out so I started working again, but I knew after a while I had to go elsewhere. I came out to Birkenhead for All-Star Wrestling so I flew over to Liverpool, I would do a Saturday and Sunday show, sleep in the airport and go straight back to work the next day. I was flying under the radar, there are lots of guys in NXT like Adam Cole who had a lot more exposure before they went into WWE. I got signed in 2007 and I knew I had a unique look, there was never any pale wrestlers and when I got on there nobody had seen anything like it before. Everything happened so fast, my career has been up and down that’s the way it is.”

Sheamus also revealed how he became frustrated with his WWE position after WrestleMania 32 and how it led to his Celtic Warrior Workouts.

“After WrestleMania 32 I started taking control of my workouts, it came to a point where I was frustrated and it came to a point after WrestleMania 32 where I didn’t know where I was going. I have to be going forward, sometimes it’s okay to go sideways but if you are going backward that’s the most frustrating thing for me and that’s where the whole Celtic Warrior Workouts came from.”

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The Anfield Wrap

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